What If Retirement Was Called Inspirement - A Time To Wake Up And Live!

by Paul A Coulter
(Orange County, Ca)

Inspirement Time, a time to shift from Caterpillaring to being a beautiful butterfly and experiencing life in a new and different way.  
A way that excites you and adds life to your life.   Well, for the caterpillar to become a butterfly it has to have a major makeover.

What would that require?  How about maybe just a new perspective that asked you to be out of your mind.

 "Out of my mind?   Are you out of yours!"   Yes, I am, thanks for asking!

What if Inspirement Time offered each of, as a bonus a Magic Wand and 100 wishes, your preferences ready to be fulfilled at your command?  Each wish asked for with the declaration I AM.  For example I am a powerful inspiring writer.  

Maybe, I am open to receiving (Love, Money, Insights, a healthier body)  You fill in the blank.  How about I am open to tapping into my intuitive natural knowing.

Remember Cinderella's Fairy Godmother saying to Cinderella "what is your official wish"?  Have you considered what your's might be and 99 others too.    
Hmmm? Impossible Dreams are happening every day.  Are they in your life?  Do you have unfulfilled preferences.

Is it time to revisit old dreams buried and forgotten.  Adventures, travels, dormant gifts waiting to be awakened.  Being who you are, doing what touches your heart, energizes you and brings you alive. Photography, Scrap booking, writing, painting, knitting, designing, teaching, mentoring, new inventions or old hobbies re-kindled.

I was awakened at 77 1/2 by a story I read about Jon Kitna an  18 year veteran of the National Football Leaque (Seahawk's, Cincinatti, and Dallas) retiring and going back to his old High School to teach Algebra and Coach football. (google the story).  

His bottom line was I want only the worst algebra students in the school in the three classes I teach.  His results were amazing.  The number of turn-a- rounds astounding.  

That got me to thinking about my gifts, talents and perspective barely being tapped into and that launched me into the memory of dreams and wishes still lying dormant waiting to be awakened and fulfilled.  

You can read about it in my forthcoming autobiographical book, A New Way Out Of No Possible Way - A Simpler, Easier, Natural Pathway To Being Free And Living An Abundant Life Deliberately!   To be published at 80.  

Or in my forthcoming e-books, Wisdom and Musing Of An Old Man On A Bench - Power packed cliff notes for 21st Century Surviver’s, Striver’s and Thriver’s! Insights, delights and inspiration for an enhanced expansive life experience, Or Poem's With A Pow, 25 Poem’s with power packed insights, whimsical, creative, inspiring jumpstarts for a new way of looking at the world!

Time to stop looking in the rearview mirror, spending time stirring the pot of your now and to begin looking ahead, focusing on new wishes and dreams aching to be born.  Your Magic Wand is your imagination.  Let it fly like a butterfly.  You being free to be you freely and fully expressed!  

Inspirement, a time to explore, experience and evolve, energizing a new life of possibilities available for you just on the other side of your present comfort zone!  

Read the Power of Awareness, as a place to start a new journey of wishes fulfilled.

Happy Trials and Trails!

Wendy: Paul, I love INSPIREMENT! I've tried (as many have) to rename retirement as the ditionary definition is quite UNinspiring! Grin!

I feel quite the same and want to ReInvent Myself now! Hoping to help others do quite the same!

I added the link to the book as it's $6 on Amazon and yet FREE elsewhere. Great! Downloaded it myself too! Thanks!

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Inside Inspirement
by: Bev

Paul, I really liked your composition in renaming retirement as "INSPIREMENT" because I think many people in society think that retiring entails an old definition of sitting on the front porch and waiting to die! Not very inspiring, if you ask me! Thanks for getting to the crux of the matter, and helping others see this new life phase as something much different than it used to be!

by: Sara

Sure did enjoy reading this. Have a great day

Flying Solo
by: Nina from London


How encouraging....A Time to Wake Up and Live!

This was wonderful to read this morning. Although I've been active volunteering and exploring my interests there are days when I run out of energy. Or maybe this weekend away tired me out. When I read some of the possibilities and positive ways to view life I once again felt excited.

Life can be full of new adventures. Thanks for your insight.

Best Wishes, Nina

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