What is your best, no BS recommendation to earn $200-$300 a month at home?

by Mark

So Wendy, why must I write something here? I just want to ask you the above question.

The question in the title is:

What is your best, no BS recommendation to earn $200-$300 a month at home?

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by: Wendy

No BS, huh? :)

Mark, so many ways. But nothing is easy peasy... you have to put the time in. Don't let the GET RICH QUICK folks online tell you otherwise.

You could do Kindle books... shorties on a specific topic people are looking for info on.

You could do a You Tube channel... teaching something to many.

You could go to Fiverr.com and see if you have the skillset to help small biz owners there. Heck -- some are really funny, singing Happy Birthday on the phone to family members, or mailing something to people, or making videos, posting on FB, whatever it is you can offer.

These are just a few off the top of my head. I know online solo biz people who do all of these, and more. I've attended conferences for years now and this is real -- but you likely need training in a specific area, unless you have a skillset for what people seek!

Tell me what you KNOW and I'll try to help more!

Get the best interest rates on savings
by: Michael - Upstate NY for the summer!

If you have extra savings or an emergency fund, make sure that those accounts are earning the highest rates possible. This will give you some extra cash. I have been using online savings accounts for many years. Many online savings accounts (Redneck.Bank and VioBank.com) pay 5%+ interest on savings accounts. There are also many credit unions that offer high rates. You simply link your checking account to a higher yield savings account for quick access to your cash. There are also great rates now on CD accounts. Shop around. Many local banks pay a pittance on savings and CDs. Put YOUR money to work for you!

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