What to do after retirement? I kept busy...

by Timm W.

The first day after I retired felt strange.

I knew I should have been working, and I knew what everybody at the office was working on. I knew I should be there for them, and I still had a lot to give to them.

Over time, that feeling washes away and you realize you now make your own schedule.

Watching the television has never been something I enjoyed, so I've been catching up on the books I've wanted to read (specifically Cussler) while my wife does the same.

We also watch our grandchildren frequently during the day which is quite a handfull, but great.

I've taken up bicycling, though my knees are too worn to get much out of that.

I've also become computer savvy in my old age from researching my family history.

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Cheapest but Best Places I Can Retire
by: Anonymous

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We are all in the same boat ....
by: Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India

Dear Timm,

When I retired at the age of 62 years in 2005 as a Reader in Commerce in a Delhi University college at New Delhi in India, I thought that I would sit at home and do what i had planned to do after retirement - read books, assist my wife with domestic work, play with my grandsons, travel across India and sleep to my heart's content.

The first couple of weeks after retirement passed off without any problems. Then I realized that it was not easy to pass the whole day in reading news papers and doing other things. It is not easy to substitute full time employment with something else. After thinking for about a week, I decided to seek a post retirement job. I prepared my c.v., attached a photo and began sending it to prospective employers who had advertised in the newspapers.

I had sent nearly 50 C.V.s in the first month itself mentioning INR 25,000 as the minimum pay acceptable. There was no response.

In the second month, I reduced my demand to INR 20,000. Soon enough, a telephone call came asking me to come for interview. The job was as Center Head in a coaching institution. The way to the interview room on the upper floor was through a iron staircase which was long and steep. I had to ask for a glass of water on reaching the top. After a long interview, they selected me and asked me to come for work after a week.

I telephoned my wife from the ante room and told her of my appointment. I asked her to call our close relatives and friends for a celebration dinner that evening. I told her that I shall be bringing with me laddoos (an Indian sweet preparation that is very popular in India as a celebration treat).

As I began to descend the iron stair case to the ground floor where I had parked my car, I saw a very good-looking and smartly dressed young lady climbing the same stairs. She asked me "Uncle, kya interviews ooper ho rahe hain? (Uncle, are the interviews being held upstairs?) I nodded my head and immediately took out my mobile phone. I rang my wife and asked her "Have you telephoned the relatives and friends?" "Yes, she said, I am just going to begin telephoning." I told her "Let us wait for a week till after I have joined this new job."

As i was going to start my car, a telephone call came. It was from the Head of the Coaching Institute. He said "Professor Saheb, Aisa karte hain ki aap abhi na aaiyegaa. Do maheene ke baad phir baat karenge!" (Professor Sir, I request you not to come for work now. We shall talk about the matter after 2 months.)

I knew that the job had gone to the younger candidate. I did not feel sorry. She deserved it. I later got another job as Visiting Reader in Banking and Insurance in a management institute.

My best wishes to you, Timm! DK, 31 Oct.,2011

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