What to do?

by Sherry

I retired when I was 66 years young. I knew it was time and didn't look back and I have had no regrets! The first two months I didn't do anything. I needed this time to adjust with no time schedule. I went forward and the FREEDOM was truly amazing!

I loved every minute of it. I would wake up on the same schedule I had for so many years working full-time at 6am, but I didn't set the alarm. I was automatically waking up around 6am sometimes before and sometimes after. It was truly blissful.

I would lie there for a few minutes pondering what I was going to do that day? WOW, no schedule, I can do as I please.

I lounged around in my pjs and drank coffee and in about 30 minutes I felt that breakfast hunger pain. I didn't have to rush with breakfast, that was pleasing.

After the first 2 months I got busy doing all of those mundane things I needed to get done and my first project was cleaning out 14 boxes of papers I had accumulated through the years, mine and my mothers who was now deceased. Lord have mercy
on me, I miss her terribly! She was such a nice person and always did her best no matter what.

I had to go through all of those papers and shredd everything I didn't need to keep any longer. Got it done!! It took a few months, DONE!! Then on to the next project!!

Sometimes I would take a couple of days off and take a day trip or go shopping just because I could with all of that freedom!

I live 220 miles from my hometown here in NC and I would go visit family there. It was so nice to be able to take my time no rushing! When working full-time I always felt I had to rush.

Guess what, I live at the beach and I could go anytime I wanted to!!!!! Yeah!!!! I said THANK YOU JESUS!!!
I took a car trip last October and went to Annapolis, MD! It was so beautiful seeing all of the fall colors up there and back!!

I visited friends I haven't seen in many years, because I gave all of free time to my mother. She was sick a lot and she needed me. She was always there for me when I needed her.

Now my job is to go to the beach and take a deep breath and inhale that seabreeze and feel the sand under my feet and feel FREEDOM!!

I have joined a ladies breakfast club on Thursday mornings and now these fine southern belles are my friends and we do other fun things like go to a hobby farm market this past Saturday. FUN!

I do 2 volunteer jobs 3x weekly. They are purposeful and it makes the jobs worth while! I also help my family with the 2 boys and their pets! They need me it is a good feeling! I own my home and take care of that too. I am way more busy than I anticipated and it is a "good thing".

I love to read and can't find a lot of time for this hobby.

Everyone take good care of yourself, your family, and your friends.

Love to all, Sherry?NC

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Love your post
by: Larry Steward / SC

Hi Sherry,

I found your post so upbeat and full of joy. That's the way to embrace retirement. You seem to have also achieved a good balance between time for yourself, your family, your hobbies and even for some part-time work. That's wonderful and I'm glad you took the time to share your experience with us.

I'm so happy for you!
by: Elisa

It sounds like you are living your best life and I am so happy for you. I too am enjoying my retirement (coming up on 3 years!) - and after the first couple of months, I never looked back.

I'm lucky to have my husband, my home, my hobbies and I enjoy my own company!

Thanks for posting. All the best to you!

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