What's So Good About an Octogenarian Anyway?

by Julie Grenness, in Australia.

Over-sixty? Think that is old? What about the new age of octogenarians?
 Not long ago, they were passive recipients on walking frames, spoon fed in nursing homes.

But, look at the Queen, Prince Phillip, the old Queen Mother, Nelson Mandela, (he remarried when he was eighty years old), Barbara Cartland, (wrote all her life), and Fay Weldon, (in her nineties, writing and teaching).

Octogenarians now embrace their age, they ‘don’t need no rocking chair’. Sure, the eighty year old body can still have physical issues. In general, people are living longer to an older age, with contentment.

At sixty, we may fear becoming really old, but octogenarians do express greater life satisfaction, and more acceptance of the feeling that they are survivors, and can’t change the world anyway.

According to research, in that U.K., twice as many eighty year olds, are divorcing, and some even remarry, after dating again, being widowed or divorced. The new young—octogenarians!

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Love this comment!
by: June in Wisconsin

I will soon be 73 and am looking for a life companion. This post gives me hope and excitement for my future. I am in excellent health and plan at least two more decades of loving life.

Thanks for the morale boost at a difficult time!

Being Able To Remember So Many Fond Memories
by: Lon Tanner

I'll be 86 in July and have had a great life. My mind is clear and able to enjoy learning new things every day despite the aches and pains of a aging body.

On being an Octogenarian
by: Mavis/Canada

As an early Octogenarian with a zest for life, I find my biggest problem is fighting a long conditioned mindset about what to expect at this stage of life.

As the country song goes: ‘I don’t need no rocking chair’!

Having recently moved to the city to be closer to my lovely supportive family I am starting a new lifestyle after 50 years of country living.

Making new friends, mostly much younger people who like to hear my stories. Starting a new hobby of ukulele playing: my jamming experience was short-lived because of the Covid-19.

Hoping to purchase a lightweight folding bicycle to enjoy the nearby park trails and looking forward to some travelling when transportation and accommodation opens up again.

Meanwhile, I have prepared a small garden bed for growing veggies and flowers (late planting because of the Western Prairie climate). Going for a walk most days removes the cobwebs.

The saving grace of this isolating time learning to use zoom and online shopping.

As a lover of retail therapy and going out for lunch, the latter are the next best thing.

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