What's the matter with me?

I totally understand your wonderment at all of these new feelings and habits.

i retired as a counseling psychologist in 2013. i still work two day counseling the disabled. but even with part time work i feel like i'm living in slow motion.

worse is the lack of connection with people. i have a boyfriends, but i still feel like i'm floating in space a lot of the time.

my friends don't like to do the things i like and 2 have died. it's hard to meet friends even though i teach a course twice a year at the senior program entitled, "friendship matter."

i just don't feel like me.

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Consumers vs. Producers
by: Sue/North Carolina

I read your post. Retired life is a slower pace. In parts of the USA where life is lived at a slower pace, this will seem more normal and others will also make time to be with you if you contribute to their lives also.

Working on a project that takes a week or so to plan and complete is helpful, I think, whether you are satisfied with the result or not.

Babies take 9 months, books take a long time to write or to translate, et cetera.

Re-strengthening a muscle group is also very satisfying.

Think along these lines and you may become more satisfied with life.

Consuming is fast and ultimately unsatisfying. Producing is slow and more satisfying, in my opinion.

by: Anonymous

i understand the problem. My husband passed away two years ago and i just have my 19 year old son. I run a part-time accounting and tax business in a rural part of CT. I have few friends and am an introvert. Sometimes i do not know what to do. I am going to retired courses at the local community college and taking courses in French at a french School for adults in two cities and hour away. It is very difficult.

Life has transitions
by: Michael D. Bell, REALTOR®, Venice Florida

It sounds like some normal life transitions. You are transitioning from the full-time work life to a part-time work life. Also, you have lost 2 of you friends. Sometimes, "the doctor needs a doctor." Since you retired as a Counseling Psychologist, maybe a few sessions with a Psychologist might help?

Get tested
by: Anonymous

It could be physical problem like lack of magnesium.

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