What's worse?

by Chris

I had a job that was becoming impossible. The expectations, particularly 56 hrs/week, unreasonable managers and the dangerousness of the work was making me anxious and angry.

I have worked for 40 yrs, am over 60 and consulted a financial advisor about the possibility of retirement.

I am married and my husband was adamate about both of us retiring. Both of our children live out of state so we decided to move to be closer to at least one of them. So we talked to a realtor and was assured that our house would sell quickly as it was in very good condition.

So we did all of it and now we have a mortgage, something we hadn't had for more than 5 yrs, a house that has been in and out of escrow twice. Some days I don't feel like getting out of bed. I wish we hadn't done any of it.

I cry daily and feel like my body is made of lead. As a psych nurse, I am aware that I am depressed but don't even have the energy to do anything about it. The grass is always greener is true. I feel like I'm just waiting to die.

I am a shy person, so going out and initiating new relationships in a strange environment is painful. I feel trapped in this void.

Wendy: Chris, my heart goes out to you! You, better than most of us, knows about Depression and yet you, a professional, don't know how to help yourself! Yikes!

Please seek help.. see your doctor!

This really isn't about a mortgage, you are having an issue with the retirement transition period. Don't get stuck here... there's a lot of fantastic retirement living left to do!

Get Help -- Find your Retired Life! It's out there waiting for you.. really is!

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