What's YOUR Purpose In Retired Life?

by Leaking Ink

When I first retired 4 years ago, I said to myself, "What now? What is my purpose in life anyway?" Here's what came out from those thoughts, and I never looked back.

My Philosophy in life:

Just be.

My Purpose in life:

  • To create and nurture simplicity, order, love, relaxation, and a thankful spirit.
  • To travel the path that God shows me.
  • To live each day in keeping with my education, knowledge, abilities, and talents.
  • To live usefully.
  • To seek to make a difference in the lives of others through simple, quiet achievements and by sharing myself and my life experiences with them.
  • To pursue Truth, Insight, and Understanding.
  • To strive to continue to improve myself.

    My Mini Daily Intents:

  • Enjoy today's delicious moments.
  • Say "thank you" today.
  • Do good, feel good.
  • Do small favors today. Expect nothing in return.
  • Stay in touch with at least one family member or friend today.
  • Nurture something: person, animal, or plant.

    ~Leaking Ink

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    A Wonderful List
    by: Sharon, Hawaii

    I love your entire list. Thank you for sharing it. I may adopt it for my own.

    by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

    Yes, not what's my Life Purpose - but now that I am retired, What's My Retired Purpose?

    Just love your list for purpose in life AND daily intentions!

    Retirees, think about this post, and think deeply!
    Please name Your Retired Purpose and Your Daily Intentions in a comment below!

    Thank you!

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