When Grandmother Died,,,

by Debbie

My grandmother and I were always very close.

When I was only 12-years-old I lost her to cancer. She was a hard working woman who kept two or three jobs just to support herself. She rented a small house and took pride in what she had.

I remember, just hours before she passed away, family members standing over her arguing about who was going to get her clothes, jewelry and what little furnishings she had. I will never forget the fighting and arguing that went on for those few days before and after she died.

My grandmother had nothing of real value and the sight of her family clawing their way through her possessions was disgusting.

Thinking back to that sad time makes me think to my future. I didn't want to create a Last Will but now I realize how important it is. Also, I think it's good to make a detailed list of who gets exactly what. Not designating things ahead of time can break up a family.

A death shouldn't tear a family apart it should bring them closer. Love should prevail over greed but just in case it doesn't a Will can bring order.

Keep Smiling, Debbie

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from Ann
by: Anonymous

Sorry about your Grandmother, thanks for reminding me to get my will in order. I don't have much but I would hate to see people I love fighting over things. As I grow older things don't mean as much. Family does.

Wendy: Ann, that's right - even if you don't have much, consider a will (even the handwritten wills if legal in your state) simply to give away personal items to whom you want them to go.

Keep Family tight after your gone..

p.s. Look under Death to the left, there is a downloadable State Wills guide, with fill in the blanks wills perfect for someone without a big estate. I bet your state has one too.. check it out!

Thanks for This Reminder
by: Barbara Y.

Debbie, thanks for reminding me of the necessity to do a will. I have put it off because I have only one child, a middle-aged son, so there won't be any crowd of relatives to fight over things.

Still, I think I'll do something, and also a medical Power of Attorney naming my son. Time to face up to mortality, and you've helped me!!

You're a good writer, too--

Regards, Barbara

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