Where to be after retiring? Am I a burden?

by Mary
(Greensboro, NC)

I retired 5 years ago and live with my children in their respective homes during the year per their request. My apartment is rented back home.

I work part-time helping in my son's business and enjoy being helpful. I also crochet hats and scarves for low-income children. I love to read and also bake with my grandchildren.

At times I feel as a burden even though I am extremely blessed and loved by my family. Maybe it's a feeling we get when getting older, I'm 67 years old. Do some of you feel this way?

God bless all.

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No you are not a burden
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

You are so blessed to be living with your family.

I think we older adults are starting to appreciate the benefits of intergenerational living. There are new programs around the country bringing younger and older generations together, some in living arrangements.

We have so much to learn, give, and share with each other. What a wonderful gift you have been given.

by: Carol, Canada

I would love to live with my daughter and she badly wants me to live with her. But I can't just up and leave my husband to go across the country to live with her. Ha, ha. My husband wouldn't be too happy about that.

When I visit her she never wants me to leave, takes me everywhere with her, even to the grocery store. I enjoy it, as long as I bake I don't have to do anything else. So appreciate that your family wants you. That's nice of them.

It's just that everyone is so busy these days. My grandparents lived with us until I was 8 years old and I think it's good for the children. We loved our grandparents.

My husband had his mother live with him until she died. Even though he said she was a pain because of her ill health, he was devastated when she died.

If you all get along, then you shouldn't be a burden. Enjoy your family.

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