Who Am I Now?

by Jfed

I am in the process of being pushed out of my job for financial reasons and will probably retire within the next month and a half.

I work at a great place run by our state, as a sort of contractor paid for by a federal government agency, and I needed to give them the heads-up on what was coming so that they would be prepared.

Since I told them (last week) what the plans looked like, people are already distancing themselves from me. I'm not included in any planning meetings, was not given a key to a room that I had been promised - it's as if I am already gone.

We all hope that we are considered irreplaceable to our bosses, but the reality is, for any of us, if something happened today to one of us, our places of employment would be able to carry on without any problems.

Mentally, I am already out that door and already looking for the next open door that awaits me. I have a lot of acres to look after in my retirement and am counting the moments. Maybe I'll get some chickens and goats... maybe see a movie once a week... now that puts a smile on my face.

Wendy: So many governments are downsizing as their budgets have been reduced so much. I feel so lucky that I was able to retire two years ago, as those I left behind do much more work with fewer people.

You are so right -- over 30+ years with my employer and often thought ** wasn't replaceable with all his knowledge. Nope... in comes the next person and changes how its all done, for better or worse! Life goes on...

Chicken and Goats sound great to me. We've got turkeys! My friend just started a Happy Chicken website! Here is the Facebook page: Raising Happy Chickens

Sounds like you are ready to jump... you'll know if its the right time, but it sure sounds like it is!!

Best Wishes!

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I am ready!
by: Pacific Island Lady

Yes..I am ready to retire in two years. I have lived away from my home island for so many years. I look forward to go back and live the rest of my life there.

I like to think that this later part of my life, although different, will be what it ought to be.. reconnecting with old friends, helping elderly relatives and volunteer in educational activities of the school there ( I am an educator).

There will always be things to do on this small island, either on land or out in the lagoon. Excited to see if I still have the skills I learned when young. If not, that will be part of this life...relearn them.

Since we now have internet connection.. I can share all these with friends abroad especially those I met on this website.

Happy and Ready to Retire.. Yess!!!

Raising Happy Chickens
by: Irwin L

Good to see someone following their heart and dreams. I just loved the website for Happy Chickens and made a post to Facebook about it.

It is neat that through this site we can learn of individuals who are finding other things to do when facing retirement, down-sizing or what have you and have the will power and dedication to see it through. My guess is that once started, quite a few of these individuals wonder why they didn't start it sooner. But, fact of the matter is, they did it and are now enjoying life once again.

Raising Happy Chickens is one such site and Joe W., I would love to hear more about your "Seniorpreneur Project" when you get it started.

See - life doesn't end with down-sizing or retirement, in essence, it could be the beginning of something wonderful.

Irwin L

Wendy: Irwin, Cath does the Chicken site, she is a retired Probation/Parole manger from the U.K. Cath and Mike moved to Italy in retirement, live on an Olive grove, make their own olive oil, and now raising happy chickens, and she has both a chicken website and another site called Explore Italian Culture too. Is THAT a cool retirement or what??

Raising Happy Chickens
by: Joe W.

I just 'liked' the Raising Happy Chickens website.
This could be the next new business trend.

One of my all time favorites is Colonel Harland Sanders the Founder of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Someone that created a new Startup business at the age of 65 is also my favorite mentor from the past.

I was also downsized from a contract job at the age of 45. It took me several years to go from a corporate type job to essentially Me, Inc.

Fortunately, working on my own self-discovery led me to some interesting early retirement projects. This all led to my current 'Seniorpreneur Project'.

Joe W.

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