Who am I?

by Jennifer

I just retired after about 33 1/2 years at the post office. I hated getting up at 300 a.m. and I hated being trapped there eight hours a day and I was exhausted all the time since I'm caring for my mother. She has been having issues with dementia and lack of mobility.

Well, I do enjoy not getting up at 3 but I'm strangely empty and depressed. My mother is depressing since she doesn't move around much and I wait on her. And I do miss feeling like the person that just got up and went to work and didn't have to think about what to do each day.

I thought I would like it because I like to read and knit and write, but it's so empty. And it's true that the people from work just go on as if you were never there...And it's pretty difficult to get any sympathy from people that are working, I do get that.

It's not all it's cracked up to be..

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I hear you
by: Anonymous

I've been retired for a year and four months and am finding it very hard to adjust. I'm actually going back to my old job to work casually in September, for the winter months anyway. I miss the connections. I am a very creative person, but find too many hours in a day.

Hang in there and you'll figure out what works for you.

Where Are You Looking?
by: Joe W.

In corporate life most important decisions are made by upper management. I think that when your in transition to partial or full retirement the decision making process is transferred into the hands of the retiree.

The question is where are you looking to find something to do in your retirement?

Most people look at outside sources to find a fulfilled retirement. Unfortunately, it's quite difficult to work on what others have selected what is best for you. Maybe; spend some time in self-discovery to find out what your passions are. Then, spend some more time doing research work on different options and then finally you decide what is best for you in your own retirement life.

Get back in the game!

Joe W.

by: Carolyn

With the help of anti depressants and time, I am now adjusting to retirement but it took me almost a year and a half. Its very difficult - sometimes mediation is needed, and it can get you moving forward with plans and ideas.

by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

I think many of us can empathize with what you are feeling. And caring for your mother is certainly an added burden on you at this time of your life. But believe me to move from where you are now to feeling good about being retired, please find ways to reinvent your life.

Join even one group and get out once or twice a week, exercise,get out and enjoy nature. Don't let your mother dictate all of your time, even if you need to asks someone to give you a break.

It will make a huge difference and instead of needing sympathy you will find as I did that there is life after retiring but we have to make the effort to create life.

Jenn, Give it TIME
by: Wendy

Its a transition, give yourself time to grieve missing work...

Look for things to keep busy with, meditate, allow your body and mind to rule your days (not an employer)...

It does take time, but its Ooooh- Soooo Good when you get there!

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