WHO is getting out?

by Janie M

Hey, are you elders, like me, getting out yet?

I had both vaccines so why am I still in the house? I am still abit reluctant to go out and yet, I wonder why? Did I get too comfortable staying inside?

I know I need to get out with people again.

Are you going out now?

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Getting out again
by: Nancy

I am having to push myself, yes. I got to Prayer Group twice a month and just started a weekly Bible study last week. I am very nervous before both, but afterwards am glad I went.

I may never get back to "normal" which for me even before was staying home a lot. I've had both shots.

by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong


I've had my first jab for the Covid19 virus, and I'm now getting out and about. The second jab is still a few weeks away.

So to counteract the negative vibes about becoming a senior, or retiree, or modern elder, I thought that my good news story may be somewhat uplifting.

My measure of success has always been based around having a successful 'business" but at age 76, I've now concluded that I simply don't have the motivation or energy to create a new "traditional" business with employees, so my objectives keep shifting.

And I'm grateful that I have found a connection with a pro bono business coach.

Here are the projects that I'm working on - actually I often think that I'm like a Boy Scout trying to puff a tiny fire into something more substantial.

Wendy: Moved the rest of Bernard's post here: Finding My Feet Again, at 76! - WHY? To show retirees how he is thinking out of the box about ways to contribute to his community and his own business too!


Bernard Kelly MBA
Emotional Marketing
61 414 778 518

Getting Out Again
by: Jeff/ Toledo, Ohio

Wow, I am not alone.....yes I was slow to get out but after being out now things are starting to get better and I am getting out more.

It just takes some time. I wish you well on your adventure out into the new real world. Happiness

Socializing Somewhat
by: Barbara

I am alone most of the time so haven't stopped going to church (which is very small). I have a couple close friends and we meet once a week for a prayer meet and homemade lunch by one of us taking turns.

I have been to a wedding lately where no one wore masks.

I spent Mothers' Day amongst people at church and a fairly big gathering. Bingo started up again last week and I intend to go with a neighbor this week. We can choose whether to wear masks.

I think about half the people I know who are elderly or over 50 have gotten their shots. I have had both.

I have more things coming up this month where I will be out in public.

I live in northeast Texas and am praying for the best.

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