Who uses a Retirement Coach?

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast

Retirees. Period. My focus is solely on retirement and the mindset to live a good life after the working years.

As you know, I am very much like my mother, whether I care to acknowledge that or not. GRIN! I don't want to be my mother. I want to be me... but we are so alike.

Over thirty years ago, way before mom retired, I remembered her talking about taking care of her senior customers at the bank. She was Assistant Manager, so people who required more than cashing a check or making a deposit often visited mom. She told me, multiple times, how she loved the older customers -- how she would carefully explain how something works, carefully put their money into an envelope, simply taking good care of them.

I've sometimes wondered if THAT got into my head -- and stuck all these years.

I really care for seniors too. It started in my employment -- sometimes they were a tad slower in picking up a new concept at work, sometimes not at all! Sometimes memory was failing a bit, so I made sure to repeat what happens at retirement so they left with a solid understanding of the timelines. Sometimes, it seemed they might be short on income each month (less years of service so a smaller pension) -- So I would do a net to net comparison of take-home income before and after retirement. Then they knew exactly what that gap was so they could bring down their expenses OR increase their income with a part-time job, or withdrawals.

I do the same online -- I talked to retirees in many different life circumstances (despite all having the same requirement of retirement):

  • Divorced late in life and having a difficult time working through it

  • Retired and full of remorse, anxiety and fear about the future

  • Retired and considering what path to take in their retired years

  • Considering retirement but with fear of what lies ahead

  • Finding life purpose and fulfillment post-retirement

  • Choosing a new life partner after you've retired

  • Making decisions between two life choices

  • Marriage after retirement: partners that are depressed, wives unappreciated, or simply the state of living life together 24.7 after all these years
    (yes, this one might make you giggle, but not funny when you are living it)

    Anyways, there are so many life issues and instead of letting the fear totally ground you into a depressed state, we talk. We discuss and brainstorm new possibilities, we talk out our fears (most aren't real), we let go of that never-ending cycle of anxiety in your head, we learn to live life on new terms -- OUR terms!

    And HOW do I do this? I was simply trained as a Life Coach. I listen to you. I have no judgments as I don't know your life history. I come from a place of peace, simply looking for old programming, patterns that keep you stuck in life, and help you to kick them to the curb. We might dig deep into your thoughts to come with ideas you never let surface (yet). You have it all within you. You have it all. I help you to live it!

    Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Retirement Coach

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    by: Loyce in California

    Thank you, Wendy for this resource

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