Who will take care of Grandma?

by Anonymous

I love this lil' ole lady. She is sooo impish

Who will take Grandma? Who will it be?

All of us want her, I'm sure you agree.

Let's call a meeting; let's gather the clan.

Let's get it settled as soon as we can,

In such a big family, I'm sure there is one

willing to give her a place in the sun.

A blue jewel heart button

Strange how we thought she'd never wear out,

but see how she walks, it's arthritis no doubt.

Her eyesight is faded, her memory is dim

She's apt to insist on the silliest whim.

When people get older, they become such a care.

She must have a home, but the question is...where?

A blue jewel heart button

Remember the days when she used to be spry?

Baked homemade cookies and made her own pies,

Helped us with lessons, and mended our seams;

Kissed away troubles and tendered our dreams.

Wonderful Grandma, we all love her so,

Isn't it dreadful she has no place to go?

A blue jewel heart button

One little corner is all she would need.

A shoulder to cry on, her Bible to read.

A chair by the window, with sun coming through;

Some pretty spring flowers, all covered with dew.

Who will warm her with love, so she won't mind the cold?

Oh who will take Grandma, now that's she's old?

A blue jewel heart button

What? Nobody wants her? Oh, yes, there is One

Willing to give her a place in the sun

Where she won't have to worry, or wonder, or doubt.

There'll be no more pain, arthritis,or gout.

Pretty soon now, God will give her a bed.

But who'll dry our tears, when Grandma is dead?

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by: Danielle/California

I have seen this poem attributed to Clara Clarke in a couple of places on the internet. I’m not quite sure how or why it’s being attributed to her.

My grandfather is the writer and it was a recitation/ song recorded by the great character actor Walter Brennan.

Wendy: Danielle, you didn't give your grandfather's name... give me a name and I'll correct so that others see your correction here! thanks!

who will take grandma?
by: ed jannett louisville ky

apparently written by clara clark-grantz 1910-1989

Wendy: Thank you Ed!

Thanks for posting
by: Tuxedo Cat

To Anonymous,

Thank you so much for posting the poem about who will take Grandma. It is beautiful, and so true. I shed some tears.

Grandma's slippers
by: Anonymous

My maternal grandmother passed away when I was two years old. I sat in a chair next to my mother who was conversing with a man, probably my uncle, on her other side.

I was restless, and Mom told me to go up and see Grandma. I saw the casket, so I asked Mom what Grandma was doing. Mom said, she is sleeping. I went up and looked at her, and she looked beautiful.

The only thing was, her feet had some red slippers on, and I knew those were not Grandma's. She had nice soft slippers she always wore in the house. So I started looking on the floor, walking around the casket, but Grandma's slippers were nowhere to be found.

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