Why do I constantly get asked...have you found a job yet???

by Torn what to do

I can't seem to find the answer as to why friends and former co-workers keep asking me if I found work yet?

Why does a retiree have to work?

I'll admit I retired early at 50 years old, knowing it would be a very modest retirement. In 2012 I had enough after working long hours year after year for a large corporation for over 30 years. It was too stressful, and no work life balance.

Long story short, I left to go after my passion for gardening, flowers, planting a "seasonal" position and have the gruesome winter's off. I was lucky and found work which I did for only two seasons. The physical labour darn near killed me! Not to mention being treated like a child and grunt! I never anticipated that that could be a possibility. The only good part was I got in great shape.

It's now been two years that I haven't worked the greenhouse job and I'm too chicken to go back looking again. I have this fear that I find work where I'll be treated crappy again for minimum wage. I don't want the office work again and would prefer part-time but where I live that typically means having to work nights and weekends. YUK!!!

I don't tell friends or former co-workers that I'm not happy not working but I'll admit I feel like I don't really have a purpose anymore.

I live in the country so during spring, summer and fall I can keep rather busy outdoors but winter is rather painful!

To get back to my question... why does everyone think you should work till your old and decrepit?

I'm 54 now and was really hoping to enjoy retirement but I'll admit I feel like I need some work but I don't want the stress. I've looked for online work but can't seem to find anything ligit.

It's also been two years that I have not worked and I think this gap on my resume would be a problem. I'm chicken to go back out there yet I feel like I need to work to have a purpose. It's been a battle in my head for two years, scared to go out there but not satisfied staying at home.

Anyone else feel like this or is it just me?

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Thanks for the comments
by: Torn what to do

Just wanted to thank everyone for your comments to my post. Had a good chuckle over many of them and could relate on so many levels. Let's enjoy our life...it's too short to waste!!! Cheers, everyone :)

Job, Yet?
by: Alice in DC

Find a humorous way to answer. Like, 'do I look that young"? Find something that is comfortable for you and eventually, they will get the message.

Comments for Have you found a job yet?
by: Nancy

I'm a lot older than you, 67, but I had somewhat of a similar experience when I retired 5 years ago. I had a miserable time adjusting to retirement.

Everyone advised me to get another job, volunteer. I was a mess the first year. I brushed up my resume and got my references in order.

I took a CPR class so I could get my teaching license renewed. I went on a couple of interviews. I finally found a job in a daycare which was supposed to be an after school teacher/counselor. The first day I found out I was going to have to clean bathrooms! That ended my job search.

I was then going to substitute teach, but I found myself dreading school starting because of the stress of waiting for that call in the morning to teach. I realized if that were going to work, I would have to get up like I were going to work and get ready. I decided that was too much stress.

I finally realized the issue was I missed my old job, wanted it back, regretted leaving and that was what I dealt with.

I also, like you, realized that most jobs, they ARE going to treat you like crap, like cleaning toilets. I was a professional, and I probably won't be treated like that again. Ah, well. I finally realized I was out of it for good and better off.

Now I devote myself to spending time with my husband, playing the piano, and sewing. Life is good. Not to say I don't get triggered and miss work sometimes, but that is part of it too.

Follow your passion
by: Youdhsrolr

Well first you have to realize that you are blessed to have friends who care about you. Then you need to decide if you need the money to survive on or just to keep busy.

If you need to work then the gap in employment you can say was revilizeing yourself and now you're ready to work. But my friend if you don't need the money from another job I say follow your passion.

How about building yourself a greenhouse and then in the winter you can enjoy your plants and flowers. If landscaping and design is your thing redesign the landscaping of a friends house, programs are on line, then volunteer to help your friend have this fabulous landscaping you designed.

If it's good you can charge his neighbors who will want to keep up with him ha,ha, a fee and have then you can build a business and be the boss.

Or start out by volunteering at local places that need your skills sometimes the work is hard but you are always appreciated and it's part time.

Winter is always lonely because it's cold and those two words seem to go together 'cold and lonely' but stay positive and keep exercising your body and mind.

To your friends who ask are you working yet smile and answer, "Yes and it's the best job ever. I smile at people to brighten their day," then smile at your friend and watch him or her smile back. Remember if they didn't care about you they won't ask.

So show them you are happy with your choices and they will stop asking!

Smile Sharol

Try something else
by: Michael Hertel

So you did not like the way you were treated at one place? Get over it, try somewhere else, if I had money and was ready I might hire you myself to work in a very very huge greenhouse. What do you know about running one yourself, could you learn more and set one up?

I always wanted one to try a greenhouse that got heat from composting organic matter, garbage from eateries and perhaps waste from food processing plants or sewage.

Torn - looking for work
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Torn:

It sounds as if you have a job and it's called" Looking for a Job".

Are there any other greenhouses in your area beside the one you worked for? Even a florist shop might be a less overwhelming consideration and you would learn how the commercial world operates.You might even grow your own flowers for it.

If you go into any new job with the cheerful attitude of learning and serving, listening more than talking, you could eventually become "a best employee".

If you had your own business, you would need to know exactly the type of person you would want to employ. Learning to become that kind of person will fit you for almost any work offered. And you will become a treasure no matter how menial the work may seem.

Be optimistic because we are all on your side.

by: Anonymous

I retired in 2013 and have gone back to the same govt agency twice, no wow. At a less stressful position. No one really bothers me and I am satisfied to come to work very early and leave early. Basically, when I want.

It seems like I have always been looking for work. I guess work, defines me.

Maybe, also revolting against all the worthless people who lay on their back and take drugs and supported by rhe liberal progressives.

I want to make my own way in life. Leave me alone. God bless

Same Situation
by: Linda/Nevada

Right after I retired I used to get the same questions about getting a job. My boyfriend at the time walked away from me when I got laid off and did not make an effort to get a job. I think the media and the internet keep trying to push the idea that everyone should work as long as possible.

These so called financial experts keep trying to scare people, who retire early, in believing they will have a dismal life. The hard cold fact is that employers do not want to hire people in their 50s and beyond.

I also have made attempts to find a part time job but have had no success. I decided to stay on top of my spending and budget instead of being stressed out about not having a job. The age discrimination laws are a joke and do not really offer any protection to us seniors.

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