Why do I keep having this dream?

by Bob

Hello. I've been retired for 5 years now. And I am happily retired. Doing the things I enjoy daily. No complaints.

But...I keep having basically the same recurring dream a few times a month!

The dream is this: I am back working at the last job I had from which I retired. The people in the dream are the actual people I worked with.

Only each time I have the dream, the building and office area I worked in changes, but the people remain the same. And in the dream, I am working hard, and tell them I am retiring at the end of the year.

But when the time comes to retire, I keep working at the job and don't leave. Then I say to myself in the dream, hey, I'm retired, why do I keep working at this job, I can leave it because I am already retired!

Then I wake up!

As a short back story, I worked that job for 11 years, and I did not like the job but they had a great retirement package and as I was a temp worker for 9 years previously, I had to take the job or starve to death!

I was totally mismatched for the job and the corporate environment. My last year at the job was very tough, new management came in and they made it clear they didn't want me, the older worker, to stay so they gave me two of the biggest projects in the departments history to complete, I think hoping I'd quit. And of course treating me poorly. They eventually replaced me with two younger people. But I stuck it out and now very grateful to be retired and out of there!

So I welcome any comments about this crazy dream I keep having. Thanks!!

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Same here
by: Mike

I also retired five years ago and am enjoying retirement.

I also have the same dream where I am working in my stressful old job and all the terrible bosses I had are there making life miserable. My son thinks I have PTSD but I think I am just reliving a bad experience, I am used to it now and just getting on with life with my beautiful family.

Hope all goes well for you Bob.

by: Bob

Thanks everyone for your comments. It's given me a lot of insight into my dream. At this point in my life I am feeling more and more that my growing up years and work life seems like a past life! Now I'm happy and grateful to be retired.

by: Laura in Vermont

I keep having dreams about work too.

Usually I am called upon to audit paperwork before the State inspects it and, if necessary, defend the paperwork if challenged. The paperwork was case files of people with developmental issues.

I worked in the mental health system so this is awkward and difficult due to system differences. But I know how to do it, having worked with a few people in that system years ago.

In my dream, I am under pressure, annoyed, and cut off from what I do best in my job. In real life, I was being used to collect data for the mental health system on top of the useful things I did for the clients and other staff.

It gradually built up till I couldn't wait to retire. I lasted till 65.

Scary Dreams
by: Joe W.

Recurring dreams about the same subject is probably due to a traumatic experience in your last job that you didn't like and not a good fit for the company or the culture.

I have a similar dream experience where I'm writing an English exam. I run out of time and fail the course because my mind goes blank and I can't remember anything. I actually passed the exam by only one percentage point. That happened 52 years ago and I still experience the same dream even when I wake up and know that it's not true.

Pleasant dreams!

Joe W.

Dreams are GREAT!
by: Michael - Sunny and Warm Venice Florida

Maybe you found some sense of satisfaction from the job. Maybe you have unresolved issues surrounding the circumstances under which you left. Or, maybe you know you could get another job if you wanted to, but no longer need employment to survive.

I love dreams. I often meet famous people when I dream. Most recently, I have met the actress Dame Judi Dench and Warren Buffett.

I spent an afternoon in San Francisco with Judi Dench, we had a great time!

I met Warren at a seminar on investing. When I told him I owned stocks in 70 different companies, he chuckled, and said he could only manage 24.

Then, I started telling the group that even though I am retired, I am having a hard time spending money. They all gave me a crazy look, and started leaving the room. Then, I woke up.

I think dreams give us the answers we are looking for, or help us deal with challenges in our everyday lives.

I love architecture and am often given new design ideas that I hastily jot down as soon as I wake up.

Your dream
by: Nui/VancouveR

I think I understand why you keep having the dream.

You didn’t like your job because of the way they treated you. In your dream you are hoping that a change of location etc will change the way you were treated.

The treatment you received left a bad taste in your mouth, which is unfair. And your statement that you are retiring is your subconscious way of saying that you don’t have to take it anymore.

Staying on after retirement shows you have a strong work ethic and will honor your commitments no matter how they treat you.

Just keep telling yourself that you left on your terms and it took 2 people to replace you! That’s saying something about you!

Enjoy your retirement. It’s well deserved.


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