Why Do We Need Retirement Coaches?

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast

Retirement Coaches will help define your future. Instead of turning towards anxiety, depression, medications and even drinking -- we help you find yourself again.


Many years ago, life expectancies were shorter. People worked their fields until the end, or they retired and never even considered what they'd do post-retirement. You pretty much lived a quiet life until you died. You went from your working years to simply being old.

TODAY: Life expectancies are longer. We live longer, we live healthier, we even have different mindsets on how to live a retired life! Gerontologists have three categories of old:

  • Young-Old - age 65 - 74
  • Old - Old - age 75 - 84
  • Oldest-Old - over age 85

    Social Security life expectancies, at age 55, are:
  • 27.5 years for men
  • 30.5 years for women

    Either way, can you seriously live 25-30 years doing nothing? I know I can't. We need to extend working lives to be happy and productive.

    Have you noticed that tv doesn't announce centurians any more? They simply can't as there are too many 100-year-olds to mention!

    Embrace Aging and be part of a more positive aging movement and you will be better equipped to deal with life. We are all different: Genetics, life-long good health vs life-long medical issues, how you think about aging as your aging attitude matters.

    You were intentional with life before retirement (education, work, marriage, kids, more work...) -- why not be intentional with your post-work years in retirement? Take the time to assess your life and make changes.

    When we retire, life just begins to change. Throughout life, we change, but in retirement, it's time to pay attention! We are aging, and we can't stay the same. Our health will change. Our relationships change. Our friends change. We are living life without a script - sudden Freedom with no script! Yikes!

    So What is your Perception of Retirement?

  • How will you replace the lost benefits of work?

  • What do you remember about your parents (or other family members) retirements?

  • Identify your social circles (don't count co-workers here)

  • What do you enjoy doing for leisure?

  • What are you interested in, that you have never yet pursued?

  • Inactivity equals stress. Give yourself permission to follow your dream. **

  • What tiny risks can you take daily to change your life? Tiny risk after tiny risk makes forward movement.

  • If you are grumpy, if you are the angry ole retiree -- ask yourself: "How long do I want to be angry?" Being grumpy is a life choice.

  • Use questions like those above as dinner table topics. Ask what your partner and others what they think. Facilitates ideas and growth!

    ** Do you need my permission? I give you permission to give yourself permission to follow your heart!

    Many retirees continue working

    Pew Research:

  • Age 65 - 69 12.8% still in the workforce in 2000
  • " 18.0% still in the workforce in 2016

    WHY do they remain working? Do they need income? Maybe.

    Are they afraid to retire, and when they finally do, they were either forced out or not feeling their best?

    Why continue working?

  • Financial reasons: 62% of those ages 55-70 lost in the financial decline of 2008, although that's been coming back for 10 years now... it probably scared many of us. After retirement, you don't have years to wait for the market to rebound, you need the money when you need the money. When a decline happens to us, its more real.

  • Social Reasons: We need to socialize and often we don't have many friends as our friends were our co-workers.

    Those with higher education want to remain vital and connected. They have earned more over a lifetime and likely already planned for retirement.

  • What else keeps people from retiring? FEAR? Fear of the unknown? Fear of "what will I do all day, every day, after I retire?" How will I make ends meet? What will I do to keep myself well as I'm aging? So. Many. Fears.

    Will you Consider Playing Entrepreneur in Retirement?

    I love-love-love my website here and the personal growth challenges that accompany me while playing entrepreneur!

    Before you consider being an entrepreneur, let's look at the psychological factors involved so that this is PLAY and not BUSINESS, like it is for me!

  • Is your business idea aligned with your personal values?

  • What do you love that is timeless and gives you crazy energy?

  • Do you have support from other entrepreneurs (not family)?
    -- Join our Work in Retirement Facebook Group! --

  • What are your gifts? What skills can you easily use? What are your strengths?

  • How will you measure success? (income? personal growth? feeling happy?)

  • Entrepreneurs wear many hats. Can you multi-task or hire out help?

  • What skills are lacking? Where can you learn more?

  • Are you ready to learn from others?

  • How do you handle failure? **

  • What is your exit strategy?

    ** Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. Henry Ford

    You have been given a gift -- the Gift of Retirement.

    Think about others, both family and friends, who never made it to retirement. I'm sure there are many you can name... yo are blessed to be here.

  • Retirement can be the pathway to new beginnings!

  • Retirement can provide new perspectives to your life!

  • Find support for positive change and be Empowered!

    Retirement -- Certainly a FUN place for me to be! Woot!

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    Retirement Coaches
    by: Sherry/ NC

    When we retire some of us do need retirement coaches because we are NO longer on a daily schedule and don't know what to do with
    ourselves and we need help learning how to move forward with our lives.

    Some of us have the financial funds to never have money insecurity, but we don't have a PURPOSE anymore and we are sad. Go make a purpose for yourself start with walking anywhere or biking anywhere!

    You will meet others doing the something and start a conversation and learn from each other! Go get a volunteer job and meet new friends! There is lots to do folks.

    Become a foster grandparent; these kids NEED you. They need someone who cares and is willing
    to give their time and LOVE and friendship!

    Enjoy life, good health and happiness.

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