Why I retired

by Tom Leitch
(Clinton Township, MI.)

That's easy. No one wanted me anymore. In my fifty some years in the work force I had over 200 jobs. (I tended to have a difficult personality at times.)

For some years I was a practicing alcoholic and wandered from job to job. Early in my job journey at a creamery the yard boss saw me walking across the lot and asked me if I could drive a truck. "Hell yes," I lied. He had me drive a tractor-trailer to a warehouse and so I became a truck driver for 35 years with interruptions at trying to sell insurance and cars. I never had a game plan and consequently my senior years leave something to be desired financially.

But I've heard it said that a man is measured by the merits of his children. I am proud to say that my two surviving children, a son and daughter, have fared greatly in life.

My son has a wonderful life with an equally wonderful spouse and two little ones with a third planned. My daughter and her husband have one son. He just graduated from high school and got a minor scholarship to play football at a local college. His mother and father started a small business 25 years ago and became successful that they are working on their third million.

When I die I will lay my head down in shamrocks and smile.

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