Widow for Twelve Years

My husband was a year younger than me and I thought I had more health problems but he went first and quite unexpected so soon.

It has been hard because his family is who we socialized with. They moved to another place and sister-in-law is also a widow now but she has big family all around. Mine is 1200 miles away and I only get to see some once a year when oldest comes here.

I've had my health problems but having a relationship with Jesus has helped and life goes on with 1-acre to keep up, my home and car, church and bingo's.

I do not expect another male companion. I do not need one to take care of and doubt one wants to take care of me! If couples can stay healthy and married for a life time I think it is absolutely great as we all need some love.

Others like me have to depend on the good Lord and trust and wait. I have no plans for when I get too old to take care of myself. It all hangs in the air waiting for whatever the Lord puts on my heart.

Income is limited but I have done all. I know how to make things easier for my family and whatever the future holds is in HIS hands. Most of us know what the bible has to say about widows.

Prayers for all.

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