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I too thought I was prepared
by: Carol

Hi Patricia,

I, too, thought I was organized. I had all the papers in one place. In a pile.

Then my husband, who had Alzheimer's, had to go from a hospital to a nursing home within 24 hours. It has been over 7 years and I can still "see" my daughter and self sitting on the living room floor surrounded by papers as we searched for his Army discharge paper, birth certificate, taxes, etc., etc.

Then all the other places, the bank, his retirement, everything had to be changed. It was a stripping away of monies and life. I almost lost it with a bank person, what did she ask you question? How many checks a month will you process? One was the answer: my husband's full retirement monies to the nursing home. It wasn't her question but I was at an emotional tipping point.

Keep all your papers in order as you never know when the past will pop up and you need a copy of some document. This past week, 6 years after my husband's death, I needed copies of his death certificate.

That said, please enjoy your life and do not live in the past. Easier said then done, I realize.

by: Sharyn~~~Waterloo

Dear Patricia
U have given some good advice to the partners of people who still remain with the living! My heart goes out to u and to all of the unfortunate people who lost loved ones at such an early age, just when one thinks their life is going well , something totally unexpected happens, but life goes on & one learns to cope & get on with it** Thank You*

right suggestions
by: Anonymous

You have gone under a great sock, but you are strong and giving right suggestions. Every one must keep required papers with one self. Death is never wecome but we do not when and from which way it may come.

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