great retirement hobby!

by Joan S.
(Central Iowa. )

After I retired, I took up woodworking as a full time hobby. I had dabbled in it some while working, but didn't have enough time to devote to it seriously.

When I retired the lawyers where I worked gave me a router, a router table, and router bits for a retirement present which was one tool that I did not have in my workshop. I did have a scroll saw, a power drill on a stand, and many, many small woodworking tools.

This is something I do on my own, in my own little space in our basement, and can pass many enjoyable hours doing it. Of course, there is always the frustration when you break a piece of wood after working on it for hours, but when the finished project looks the way you want it, there is much satisfaction. Luckily I have never injured myself seriously.

My favorite things to make were small toys for my grandchildren, including wooden puzzles, animals, and shelves of all sizes and shapes. Two of my biggest projects were Noah's arks with all of the animals and Noah, and a canopy bed for my granddaughter's American Girl dolls.

The Noah's Ark took several months to make as there were two of about twenty different animals. The finished project looked really good, and I ended up making several of them for my different grandchildren.

The canopy bed also took several months, but was well worth the effort. I also made the mattress, canopy cover, pillow, sheets and quilt for the bed. It was a complete set and she still has it although she is now a sophomore in college.

I am now 81 years old and do not have the strength in my hands to continue this hobby.

Wendy's two cents: Joan, I bet these items were true keepsakes for the grandchildren. I hope they pass them to their own kids someday!

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great retirement hobby!

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What kind of toys?
by: Jeff/Santa Fe, NM

Hi Joan,

What other kinds of toys have you made? Do you use a Dremel motor for cutting, shaping or sanding the wood? Any books or videos that you recommend to learn more?

I've been making some fine wood furniture pieces since I retired recently.


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