Work and draw SS. Do benefits increase?

by John B
(Colorado Springs, CO)

If I draw SS at full retirement age (66) and continue to work, does my SS benefit continue to increase as I continue to pay into it?

Wendy's reply: Absolutely. There is no earnings limit once you get to your "full retirement age" and as you work, they recalculate the benefit (annually, I believe).

It's a win-win! I have some co-workers at work doing just that... they are banking their Social Security checks and living off their paycheck.
In just a few years, they have quite a nice savings account for whenever they need something!

You can actually "double dip" earning both wages from working and your full Social Security benefit. You earned it.. good for you!

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Retired and still working and collectin sos and still paying in i haven't received any increase after 2
by: joseph dipipi

I retired at full age but continued to work and pay into social security but I have not received any increase in my benefits should I have?

Wendy: My guess is that you are in your first year of Social Security AND wages?

They should automatically recalculate your benefit every year and increase your SS payment,... assuming it increases.

It's possible, I guess, that you might work part-time and your benefit doesn't increase. Social Security uses an average of 35 years of wages -- so IF you earned less today, than you did 35 years ago, the benefit might not change. I think that's rare.

Call them, inquire about it. 1-800-772-1213 is the nationwide number.

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