Work: Be careful what you wish for

by Sandy
(Western NY)

I have been on this site for several years as I suffered from depression after leaving my job. I went back to work part-time in odd jobs (Many of which I could work from home) but never seemed to find a mentally challenging opportunity.

And then, it happened.

I was offered a part-time position in HR by a previous colleague and I took it. At first, it was good to be in the field I had worked in for years. But after a few weeks, I started resenting the structure of the job - no more remote work, phone calls on my days off, poor training on corporate philosophy and structure and little time to do any of my hobbies.

So....I feel like such a whiner!

But I made a mistake and I don't know how to get out of it. I don't want to disappoint my friend and perhaps tarnish my reputation in this tight community, but I feel trapped.

You can just tell me to suck it up - I'd understand. But does anyone have a recommendation.

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by: Carol

Just be honest and say what you said here to your friend.

Honest is always the best policy. Offer to stay on the job and even help break in your replacement, but set a date and courtesy resign.

In this life, we do not need to live with our mistakes or suffer through fot the benefit of other people's opinions of us.


Be Careful What Yiou Wish For
by: Bill

Seems to me that more and more, organizations are more concerned with their own performance and disregarding what’s in the best interest of the individual.

It’s all about keeping the organization on track, but it’s the employees in the trenches that make everything work.

Supervisors today aren’t considering what’s best for the individual, but instead keep adding pressure on employees to get the work out.

Seems only reasonable that an administrator should listen to an employee and help support that person in whatever decision he or she makes. His or her coworkers need to also be supportive as well.

Wow I Can Relate
by: Canadian Retiree

I don’t have an great advice to give but I can relate. I retired last year and was hired to go back to my job on call. Unfortunately my health let me down. I was recovering from breast cancer treatments and didn’t have the energy to get back to work so I opted to retire a year sooner than I planned.

Did I do the right thing? I will never know.

You at least tried to work again. I don’t think anyone will judge. Retirement is not easy to adjust to. I wonder if I ruined my good work reputation I’d built for 20 years. I keep thinking I want to apply for a part time job but lack the guts to go ahead. I might feel the same as you.

All the best on your decision.

mistakes happen
by: Anonymous

Show friend this letter, ask for understanding,

Did the same thing
by: Chris

I totally understand what you are feeling. I did the same thing recently and went back to work part-time in healthcare. It was very challenging for me to return to clinical work but I did it.

Like you I now resent the lack of flexabilty in my life.

I recently finished reading a book by Ernie J. Zelenski "The Joy of Not Working" which helped me to understand that for me it was time to retire.

It was difficult to resign my position since the folks I worked with were kind enough to help me re-enter the field. Feelings of guilt were part of it, however facing parts of me which are afraid to leave this work life behind are a huge part of growing as an individual. I had to rethink what parts of the job I found rewarding and relate that to something else outside of work.

I recommend not letting what others think of you influence your decision.

Good luck

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