Work Dreams

by Wee-zer

I was laid off from two jobs. One I had worked 18 years and the last was 4 years.

In my dreams, I am always with former coworkers and for whatever reason, I am always wandering from one part of the building to another and run into people and situations along the way. But I never seem to find what I am looking for.

For the most part, being laid off from two jobs, I had no closure in either job. It was not my decision to leave either job. So, my guess is that I have these reoccurring dreams due to unfinished business.

I had visualized years earlier that one day I would retire, have the congratulations...enjoy your retirement party and then walk away and would be done with that chapter. Since I never had proper closure, my brain is still searching for answers.

Just last night I had another dream that I was on a business trip and had to drive to a destination. I was so afraid of getting lost and had to drive in the darkness. I woke up very anxious.

I wish I had an off button on my head when I sleep!

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by: Chrsti/Wisconsin

I too have work dreams. I worked at a branch location of a large industrial supply company for over 20 years.

An opportunity arrived to work from home. It sounded exciting, even though they made me take a pay cut. Well I know many people love WFH but I was not one of them. I missed human contact so much. I missed my old coworkers. To make a long story short, after 3 years and with my husband’s encouragement I took early retirement at age 56.

I’m still trying to navigate this retirement thing. I have dreams all the time that I am back at the branch with my old friends, working away, but laughing and picking on each other like we used to.

In my dreams I am myself again, feeling confident and I have a purpose. I regret leaving that branch. I missed my coworkers and customers too.

The pay cut hurt and upset me. I just wish I would have stayed put. It’s all too late now. I will adjust somehow. It’s funny how it all comes out in dreams.

by: William

I also had dreams, nearly every night, after being laid off after 32 years on the job (and forced into early retirement).

In the dream(s), I initially encountered former colleagues. The "culprits" were usually silent. The other workers sometimes asked when I was coming back.

In later dreams, I was back at work, but the location was vague and the workers were then people I didn't know.

More recently, I am back working and people ask me if I "un-retired" (a possibility at the university I worked at) and rejoined. I usually say "oh no, I forgot to do that."

So I would say the dreams are ever-evolving for me, and it's been 5 years.

I Have a Similar Dream
by: Canadian Retiree

Your dream about work sounds something like mine. I worked for 20 years at a University bookstore, before retiring.

The only difference with me is I was on sick leave when I retired a year sooner than planned. I was through my cancer treatments and was going to return to work on a gradual return when I suddenly decided one day to retire instead.

It all happened so fast, it was like I was on a roller coaster of emotions. Part of me wanted to go back and another part didn't. I wish now that I had returned for one more year because I feel like I didn't retire in the right frame of mind.

I wish I did have that last day at work where you go around and bid goodbye to everyone and thank all your coworkers.

They did have a nice retirement dinner for me at a restaurant but somehow I was wishing I was still a part of things.

I often dream I am back at work and sometimes I'm on transit and never quite get to work. It's strange how the mind works when something is unresolved. I still miss my job.

Thanks for sharing your story.

I Understand
by: Joyce

I understand how you feel. Our company was sold and I was laid off after being at my job for 33 years. I had a year and a half until retirement. So never had the party or closure either.

One good thing is that I am in contact with my staff and we have gotten together a few times since the layoff.

Maybe you could arrange a gathering where you all can get together for lunch or dinner and reminisce.

work dreams
by: Cindi H, Ohio

It may have nothing to do with closure. I retired over two years ago and constantly have work dreams. usually can't find my desk, the work I have to turn in or something goes wrong - thankfully real work did not have so many dilemmas.

Sometimes I'm in the law office I recently retired from, sometimes I'm working in a hospital setting - previous work. I usually, at some point in the dream, go 'wait a minute. I don't have to be here, I'm retired." or tell myself I need to put in my notice for retiring.

My brother, who retired a year before me, says he still dreams about work, too.

If only we could get paid for all the time we spend at work during our dreams!

Regarding work dreams
by: Christi

I have work dreams too. I switched jobs within my same company after 23 years. I went from being with 5 ladies around my age to working from home alone. Working from a sounded so great. I really didn’t think about the isolation that brings. Either way in my dreams I am still at the physical location with all my friends and old customers. I guess it’s just a longing thing for me. Very bittersweet.

Work Dreams
by: Nancy

I still have work dreams, too. Just last night I dreamed I was a history teacher and was planning my lessons, lots of detail in the dream.

I worked as a teacher maybe 6 or 8 years total, not counting 4 years I taught a college government class on the side.

Many of my dreams are about teaching and being unprepared in front of a class. I also worked as a counselor in different places, and I have dreams of working as a counselor also. Sometimes my workplaces are mixed up in the dreams.

I've been retired for 8 years.

My retirement was voluntary, but the first couple of years I deeply regretted retiring.

by: Sherry/NC

It is your subconscious dreaming for you. Listen to soothing music when you go to bed. I have a radio on my bedside table and turn it on
very low, just to be able to hear the music. I consecrate on the music. It is nice and soothing. Maybe this would help you to clear
your mind?

Take good care and I know you will be good.

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