Working after filing for SS

by Michael S Saco Maine

Question #1
If I file for social security at age 68 10 months and continue to work full time until age 70 will my benefits increase when I stop working?

Question #2
If I file for social security at age 68 &10 months and am working full time with health insurance do I have to file for the government health care system benefits?

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Social Security questions
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

1) Benefits are always recalculated after you apply for Social Security, if you are still working and if the income is higher than the 35 years already calculated on.

Usually it would be, but someone could work so little part-time that the 35-year average didn't change at all.

2) You don't have to apply for Medicare Part B -- but be sure that the ONLY reason you say "No Thanks" is because you have health care through an employer.

I remember sometimes retirees would do the same, thinking why do I want to pay Medicare premiums when I have retirement health care from my employer -- then we informed them they MUST participate with Medicare.

The catch is: Medicare will penalize you 10% for every year you wait, higher premiums, for the rest of your life... if you didn't wait for proper reasons.

Call Social Security or schedule an appointment online. Talk to your Human Resources Department.
ASK Questions and get answers based on your record.

Please Please don't rely on my answer or any answer you find online -- you could have a policy with your employer or a nuance with your records that changes answers!

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