Working in Retirement...

by Gerry
(Washington State)

People like to stay home when they are retired and relax, and do not wish to work a day more than they possibly have to. However, I am different.

I still go into work part time as a consultant for a company, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. I am in the office from nine in the morning until three or four in the afternoon.

This is a great way for me to have some structure in my life as I get up early, go to the office, put on a suit and need to keep myself clean and sharp looking. As a result, I do not let myself go.

However, there are days, namely Thursday to Sunday where I do not have much to do in terms of work. That way I sit at home in the mornings and then usually go out to explore new areas. I check out small stores in little towns because they have a great charm to them and there is always something hidden in them that is a gem but has not been noticed.

I also enjoy spending time with my wife and taking her out because when I worked we did not get as much chance to spend time together.

I also love watching soccer, whether it be professional or even children playing somewhere for a local club team.

I volunteer on weekends at a local soccer school for middle school children. I really think I am giving something back to them and to the community with my free time. It is certainly a better way to spend time as opposed to sitting at home and watching tv.

I do that also but not as much as other people and I think that keeps me healthy. My life is certainly a lot of fun in retirement.

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