Working online after Disability Retirement

by Debra

I have a very good experience to share with you about disability retirement.

My only advice to the people who are retired is they should not get depressed after their job is gone. You should accept the fact of your retirement and move on in a positive way.

After retirement from a company, you can do so many things from home environment like online sales job, online data entry jobs, mailing jobs etc.

This can give you income and you will surely be happy about and feel relaxed after retirement.

Hence don't feel bad about retirement and don't go into an state of depression please.


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Disability retirement: Need a little income
by: Anonymous

I've been on disability retirement for 4 years following extensive lower back surgery. I'm an RN, used up all my life savings, paying my bills is a struggle. Need something to do to generate little income.

Wendy I have a
Work Online page to give you a few ideas. Fiverr only earns you $5 each time BUT you can think of jobs that only take a few minutes to do.... when you see the crazy things people will do for $5, your imagination will flow!

I also use right now, its not listed, yet... but will be soon! I hire writers from odesk and fiverr too.

Best wishes!

by: TODD

Hi I am also disabled and have been searching to find something worth while to keep myself busy and make a little extra cash. Please tell me where I can find REAL online work.


Wendy: Todd, Tell me a little about you... I need to know something to know what you might do!

Give me a clue and I'll give you some ideas!

What work did you do before your disability?
Do you have any hobbies? What do you do all day?


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