Working part time

by ronald
(thumb of michigan)

Money is no issue but money is always an issue.

I retired / downsized almost eight years ago. For the first couple years I drew unemployment and slid into my retirement, I have a couple small pensions and SS.

I just turned 65 last month. We do almost anything we want to, are careful with our money. We do not go without, in fact between everything I am making more than when I worked.

I took a part time job at the local hardware five years ago and enjoy the time there mostly, but sometimes I feel I should be fully retired.

Just a feeling, we spend lots of time with grandchildren and only a few times has the job interfered. I have set hours so everyone works around them to visit. 12 hours one week, 20 hours for the next two and then back to 12 again.

I read all the books I want and watch more tv than I should but why do I think I should quit. Other than I want to “feel” retired.

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Part Time Work
by: Ken San Diego

When I was 58, I decided to stop working full time. My friend just happened to own a company so I was offered a part-time (2 days/wk) TUE & THU Accountant position. I thought I would only stay there a few years, turned out I was there 8 years, and only left because the company moved to Texas! So as of Aug 11, 2016 1:00PM (yep, I even know the time!) I retired.

I highly recommend people to work part time to fill that void, if they feel they are getting bored with retirement.

Always plan something in the future to look forward it a trip by train to another city for lunch? weekend? or a cross country train trip, or an overseas flight to another Country!

All in all, enjoy your free time. Remember all those deadlines, meetings, projects, stress, etc. that you had at work?

You don't have that now! hurray!

Working part time
by: Anonymous

Sounds to me like you have answered your own question. You say you have more money than ever. You mention Grandchildren.

You are 65, not actually needing the extra $$, you want to FEEL retired but you don't want to let go of a part time job a hardware store? Really?!?

C'mon Buddy, live a little. None of us lives forever!

by: loyce!

I'd say keep that nice blend until you KNOW FOR SURE you might want to let go of the job. You'd be meeting a great mix of peeps in the hardware store and that sounds great as long as you enjoy peeps and the hardware store experience.

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