Worse blunder of my life

by Richard Murray
(Riverview, Fl)

I worked in dietary for hospitals, nursing homes and some restaurants all my life .It was hard work but I did fairly well. Wanted to retire early so like a dope---consulting nobody, my wife and i took 62 Social Security retirement. it was worse blunder of my life.

For 8 yrs, we vascilated between cape cod and florida. It seemed to work good. We worked while up north---retired to the pool in Florida where we had our mobile home.
It seemed to work out till my company went outa business and my wife had open heart surgery in Boston. It was sucessful and went to Florida where we were not working.

I quickly surmised if i had stayed working till 70----and banked my wife's 60 dollar check for ss early retirement---after 8 yrs we would have almost doubled my 1350 check and had over over 57 grand in the bank and not ever have to worry about a job ever again.

As it was we were dependent at 70 to find work or go broke. A depressing place to be------please do not do what i did-------i wish somebody was there to council me beforehand and warn me.

I felt i let my wife down was clinically depressed---and semi suicidal------if i can help one person avoid my fate---my experience will be vindicated-------------

Richard in Tampa Bay

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by: Anonymous

Not sure your age. If over 65 you and or your wife can have jobs without affecting you SS. Even something part-time would help, get you out of the house (not time to dwell on bad).

I definitely would explore why your wife's SS is so small.

I took the 62 retirement, was bored to death, went back to work. Every bit you earn adds to more SS income. At 62 my SS was not quite $800. Stopping it, returning to work my income at final retirement is $1100. I worked thru breast cancer metastasis and kidney cancer.

Please know I am not tooting my horn. Just want to give you some encouragement.

by: Vanessa


I don't understand why your wife's SS payment is so small? Did your savings vanish due to hospital bills?

Your monthly income isn't a fortune but you should be able to make a go of it. At your age you don't need a lot of stuff so I wouldn't worry so much about money.

Enjoy the time you have left with your wife and take care of yourself.

by: Loyce!

Sounds like you are a kind person and your kind karma will empower you. You are resourceful, also, living on $800/month, impressive.

I agree with Wendy' post
by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

I too live on solely SS, now granted it is a good amount as I worked hard as an RN, but still I am not able to travel like I had hoped and no one knows what the future holds.

If you spend this time regretting what cannot be changed you risk missing many blessings in still having your wife and seeking ways to make it work in a positive way.

You are in a state you both love, and while it might be tight, you are not alone, all retirees with the exception of a few have found they have to make sacrifices.

I did make a smart decision and got rid of my home before I retired and paid cash for a mobile home in a 55+ mobile home park that I can afford and live comfortably, within 5 miles of all I need, with the exception of 10 to see my doctor. I have developed hobbies right here in my own back yard and home beutifying my surroundings. And each day I wake up is another opportunity to make it a good day.

So I too understand this has been difficult, but I do hope you will look at all you still have and move forward and stop allowing the past and what can't be changed cheat you out of enjoying this final chapter of your life.

by: Wendy

You can choose to view your retirement story as the story told above - or you can, RIGHT NOW, rewrite the story in your own mind to find peace.

Tell yourself:

!) We chose to retire and had 8 blissful years in both Florida and Cape Cod. We used our best retirement years while we could... and totally enjoyeyd life.

2) I am blessed that my wife survived heart surgery, where many do not. I still have her for many years to come and we will live our retired lives in a beautiful tropical state.

3) We both love the beautiful state of Florida where we can visit free beaches whenever we choose to, view palm trees and plush greenery and enjoy great weather every single day.

4) Blessings in life surround me. Money is tight, but that's the same as many retirees. We will live within our means, seek out free activities and day trips, and just live life feeling blessed to be together.

Finally, I am not making light of your income issue. BUT I am saying that many many retirees are in the same boat. Consider every bill and see where you might cut it back some. Watch your pennies. You'll be fine...

p.s. My dad moved into low-income apartments here in Michigan and we were stunned to learn he paid apartment rent, cable tv and car insurance. All his utilities were paid in the low-cost rent. He had extra money for the rest of his life... on only $800 per month.

Think about your opportunities... there are many!

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