Wrestling with the decision.... To Retire or Not To Retire?

by Jane
(St Louis MO)

I'm torn between loosing the salary and gaining the stress-free life I feel I've earned after 22 years of teaching. I'll be 67 in April and would like to say adios to the 5:45 alarm clock! How difficult is it to adjust to the reduced income and join the ranks of the fixed income free spirits of the world?

Wendy's Two Cents: For some, it's very easy -- freeeeedom! For others, maybe even most of us, its not so easy. I have an online email group, RETIREMENT TRANSITION, that chats daily... they are all going through the same thing. Some retired 2 yrs ago, but still not quite "there". Others are retiring withing a year, and trying to find peace and happiness with the decision. If you are interested, click on Email Groups -OR- email me via the Contact Me (bottom left) and I'll add you to the group!

I think you'll be amazed at the messages already out there and how we all struggle with the retirement decision (before and after) - for a variety of reasons.

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Retirement Decision: I hear you.........
by: Karen

I too am in education...... a guidance Counselor for the last 24 years and can honestly say I love my job.

This decision to retire has been difficult and a very long process ( the last 5 years). I decided i would leave at 70 BUT i am leaving this year at 67 ( 2 1/2 years short of my goal) because there is a whole world out there and lots of things to do....... getting back in shape, eating healthy, doing yoga, meditating, more time for my grandchildren, doing day trips working part time if i want to.......and none of this costs any money.

I have a dear friend who is exactly my age and planned on years of retirement. He is dying of cancer and won't get to have those years of retirement...... my dad died at 90 of Alzheimers as did his twin sister.... I may be next so..... while i am healthy and of sound mind i will retire.

If I only have one year i will enjoy it and if I have more that it will be icing on the cake.

We are all sitting ducks..... we never know what tomorrow will bring.... I don't want to miss out on the experience of retirement and where that journey might lead . and I love my job.

Wendy: Karen, just had to say Go For It!

I was local government for 36 years, considered retirement for the last five, but couldn't walk out that door. PLUS - I was the Retirement Manager, helping others retire -- but not myself.

I retired April 2010 - scared to death. Guess what? I love it. I am fulfilled, happy, content, happy again.... I love every day! I love every moment! I am busy (with this website) but only when *I* want to be!

Wendy, Retired and Loving it!

Develop Hobby
by: Om Joshi

It will be good to develop some creative hobby.

Even writing letters contacting people and exchange ideas. This is true that income is reduced but first thing is to remain happy and guide/help others.

Simplicity is important. Mahatma Gandhi lived on very limited material and lead the large nation for achieving freedom for the nation.

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