Write with Power

by Phillip DeNise/Albany, GA, 31701

Write With Power

Write With Power

My 2nd FaceBook page (a website, dummy!) is a FORUM I created for OLD STAGEHANDS (I started in 1966); I've had a lot of fun writing nostalgic pieces of CONTENT, re-united w/old friends across the U.S. & have attracted the attention of some young spotlight operators in AUSTRALIA, who need TIPS from us old burn-outs.

But the TRUE POWER... the kind that gets YOU noticed... and that practically writes itself (Divine Inspiration), is something I experience, FEEL & share every day; my one-man 'publishing outfit (ANOTHER TIME PUBLISHING)' helps local businesses & organizations (even large Churches who 'believe' that they've already got it going on) to maximize their efforts through the power of social media.

If one's INTENTION is to create meaningful change in one's own (geographically nearby... or not) COMMUNITY, & if the SPIRITS have already been searching for an AGENT they can use to perform a miracle in our physical plane, then this SELF_WRITING PHENOMENON will occur.

Sometimes, while writing through the night, at the Waffle House, the INSPIRATION comes on me so strong, that it makes my hands feel useless trying to keep up with the mental wordstream; these arthritic hands start to cramp-up, and my handwriting becomes illegible; I simply take my coffee cup outside the store & smoke a cigarette, while my paws unclench.

Ssometimes, I let the lone grillperson, in the store alone at that late hour, read what I have written so far (FREE editorial feedback); if I'm writing ABOUT THE WAFFLE HOUSE, sometimes there is FREE COFFEE, as well!

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