Writing and Beading

by Tuxedo Cat

Always loved to write. Have not done it for a while, but the motivation is coming back and I am welcoming it.

I also discovered beading, which I loved to do as a child. Mom had bought me a little loom, and it was my pride and joy. I am thinking of beading wraps for votive candles as my project. I am learning the beading stitches now.

I think I have found my retirement passions!

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Finally content
by: Elizabeth , West Virginia

On one of my solitary vacation trips, several years ago, I had several days of rainy weather. I keep a daily journal of my trips, but decided to use it for a different purpose. My daughter had mentioned that she knew nothing of my life before becoming Mom, so I began to reach back and put some of those days on paper. Nothing in any time sequence, just as the thoughts popped into my head. I don't know if anyone will ever read them, it really doesn't matter. It has been great fun and I have found myself working through past problems and grievencenes with a clearer head. I knit for charity and find myself drifting back as the needles click, at 85 I have a full life to review and record.

Go TC!
by: Wendy, www.retirement-online.com

You are on a roll now... keep on writing small pieces!

That could lead to writing a book -- fiction or non-fiction, or even a children's book. Upload to Kindle and see what happens! It's fun!

You could also get into beading (of all sorts) and sell online.

Just grinning, still, over the title of this post. Cute!

FUN days ahead!

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