Writing Fiction

by Fern
(British Columbia Canada)

If you want to start writing check out this great on-line resource: http://www.internetwritingworkshop.org/pwarchive/

I belong to the short fiction group and we write a 400 word exercise which is critiqued as often as once a week. The requirements are to do one write and one crit once a month to continue membership.

I also started a small writers group locally and collected information on starting groups, critiques and items of interest to members.


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The Writer's Drawer
by: Beryl Belsky

Dear Fern,
If you like writing fiction, you might try writing something for the website I run, called The Writer's Drawer, www.thewritersdrawer.net. It is a free website for writers of all levels and genres.

Beryl Belsky

Being on Disability does not mean my life is over
by: Wanda

I am writing this here at 3:15 in the morning. You know why? I cannot sleep. I cannot sleep because I sleep too much during the day; duh!!!!

Wanda, I moved your post to it's own page so others can comment... its too good to be left as a comment itself. Thanks!!

Being on Disability does NOT mean my Life is Over!

Never retire or disable your sense of humor.
by: Anonymous

Retirement or any disability does not have to be a drudge even if you live on limited income. I out lived four husbands so I know I do not want another one of those. I love to read, play on the computer, and have developed the hobby of writing down anything funny. I write it down to help me remember.

The minute someone I'm talking to starts telling me about their ailments, or anything else that is bad; interrupt and start retelling funny stories. Before long we are all laughing, enjoying ourselves, and no one is complaining. It is the best pick-me-up I know.

I discovered that after I was declared disabled and unable to work that I instantly became the family's built in babysitter. No one asked, no one bothered to offer to help with the expenses incurred. They just dropped off the kids and took off. I loved each and every child, but I was more at the end of my "retirement" day than I ever was from a work day.

So, I ran away from home. I sold my house, bought another in a secluded area and did not leave any contact information with anyone. I do retain one family contact who lives in another state.

I live on a lake with four dogs and a cat. I got rid of my car and call for a public transport bus that picks me up at my house, takes me to the store and returns me right here.

I have several short stories I have retold about living with my animals, my neighbors, and public services. I would like to find an avenue for telling my stories. Is this a good place for my type of story telling? If not, I will have to tell someone else about the day before Christmas when my dogs broke a water main, ran off with my dentures, and how the day turned out to be one of the best I've had in a long time.

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