wtf happened?

by rob
(charlottesville va)

I retired 6 months ago. I worked for 31 years as a collection agent for the local water dept. I really loved my job but the city had a great retirement package and as soon as I was eligible I cashed in.

I have a lovely wife, two grandkids and a great hobby making trash into art.

Last week I just felt a dread come over me that I hadn't felt in a long time. I take antidepressants and they helped me 25 years ago with a chemical imbalance.

I wake up every morning now hoping the sun does not come up! I felt the same thing 25 years ago. I have gone to my doctor who prescribed a booster to my antidepressant but it takes about 30 days to kick in.

I am so glad I found this site I. it tells me I am not ALONE!!

I know I will get thru this I just need to become active again thanks so much for this site!!!!

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I relate
by: Janice

Rob, I totally relate to retirement "waking" up mental issues.

I did have some depression/anxiety over my 35 year career but I can see how I used my job as self medication. I worked really hard, kept super busy and received compliments on my work ethic and achievements . I had a cool job that become uncool.

Still struggling year three but improving. I do feel like a sad ship adrift some days. This has been a huge adjustment for me. Therapy and mood lifting drugs.

Know that you are not alone. I wish you well.

retire happy wild and free
by: mark/ottawa canada

maybe what you can try is get this book very helpful ...

how to retire happy wild and free by ernie zelinski
... also available at other sites such as amazon. I find that the more I know about something the less anxiety causing it it,,,good luck

You are not alone!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

No way! Happens to so many but seems to be an almost-silent issue in society.

You are now aware this is a Retirement transition issue. You know you are not alone. Now you simply need to continue to live an active life -- no hiding out.

You have one big thing going for you -- you have a fun hobby. Something to keep your mind occupied, keep you mentally and physically moving and maybe make an income too! Woot!

Awareness matters. Give yourself time to get to know the new you and you will thrive once again!

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