Yes, Gratitude is Very Helpful

by Sharon I.

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for writing a clear, easy to understand article on ageism. I agree that gratitude is important in fighting ageism because we need to be grateful for each blessing.

Just as you admire your mom, I admire my mom and I hope to be as resilient as her. My mom is 84. She takes a daily hour walk each morning around her hilly neighborhood. She weeds her garden daily and does all of her own shopping and household chores including cooking for my brother who lives with her.

I'm 61 and have been a retired teacher for one year. I am working on my master's degree in education online while substitute teaching once a week. My husband works part-time now and goes bodysurfing almost daily.

My retired teacher friend cooks fancy new recipes for her husband, takes daily walks in her hilly neighborhood (and has lost 25 pounds so far), spoils her three cats, and has read 100 books this past year.

Another friend (61) who has been in care homes for years and spends most of her day in bed due to physical ailments, has been joyfully texting and sharing photos with family and friends since she figured out how to use her new smartphone. She had finally given up her ancient flip phone.

We each do something that we enjoy and at our own pace. We are all grateful to be able to be active in our own ways. I ask God to help me not to take things for granted and I try to be thankful for several things each day.

Keep up the helpful retirement blog. You are amazing!

Sharon I.

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Totally Agree
by: Anonymous

I agree. There is so much to grateful to God for. Every day is a blessing from God.

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