Yet another interest I intend to follow up on!

by Irwin Lengel
(Lakeland, FL)

As many of you can tell that have visited this site, I have many interests most of which are varied.

Gone are the days that I used to look forward to piddling about the house, building this or fiddling with that.

Now that I am retired, I look at life somewhat differently. Other than being there for my wife and family as that is first and foremost in my life, what I look forward to doing is whatever I am in the mood for that particular day.

Some days – when we follow our line dancing schedule – that consists of line dance practice either for fun or in preparation of an upcoming show.

Other days it may just mean, checking class (remember while I am retired – I am still working, albeit part-time) and preparing some long drawn out homework assignment for my students. Other than that, it may mean a day of shopping or just a lazy day doing absolutely nothing other than that which makes us happy.

For those of you that remember when I started this blog, earlier in the year I wrote a short blurb about wanting to get back in the habit of writing 750 words a day. Well, it isn’t happening!

But, what is happening is that as a result of visiting a website I came across while scanning the retirement-online website, namely

I developed the itch to reignite another hobby of mine which is short story writing. Yup, yet another mystery some people do not know about me. Fact of the matter is that I have written a short story or two in the past along with other items that could be considered essays. I have also been known to pen the occasional poem as well. This website I just mentioned is just what I was looking for.

In case you are interested and are curious to see what other type of writing I do, please be sure and check out The Writers Drawer. Who knows, such a visit might just rekindle your writing muse.

Do you have a story in a drawer somewhere waiting to be told? Or quite possibly now that you are retired you may want to write about retirement. Bottom line, even if you are just a beginner writer, may just be the site for you. Check it out like I did.

Let’s face it, while we may be considered senior citizens and retired, when it comes to stories that could be told, I am sure each of us have quite a few we could pen.

Has this changed anything with regards to my blog here at retirement-online? Not in the least. My plans are to continue adding to both sites – retirement-online – as it relates to blogging about my everyday escapades, trips and the like, and The Writers Drawer for other writings such as poems, essays, and short stories.

I would hope that you visit both sites and also add your comments to the items you read at both sites. I will do my best to respond to whatever comments are left within a reasonable amount of time.

Until next time!


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Discovering an Enjoyable Retirement

I retired seven years ago and found out very quickly that one has to decide what road your life will take once you're retired. Either one can decide that their useful life is over and sit it out or decide to do things that they may have always wanted to do and have never had time for.

You mentioned line dancing and I have to respond that I did discover line dancing at my local senior center and it is the most fun and the best exercise I've ever tried, in addition to meeting many interesting and outgoing people.

Am interested in maybe trying to do some writing. Have never done much writing before but have always tried to write to my friends describing some of the interesting trips I've taken and they have always seem to enjoy my descriptive narrative of things we've enjoyed and done.

Thanks for this interesting writing from you.

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