You Are What You Think... good or bad.

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Same topic, again... I am trying to make it stick in your mind. Right? :)

What you think about all day makes your day, your life.

If you are thinking boredom all day, you are surely bored.
If you think about an ugly marriage all day, you have a bad marriage.
If you think you are really looking badly as you age, you are.

Stop that bad thinking, any way you choose!
Put on jazzy music and dance a bit.
Open a good book and 'get away'.
Drink a cup of hot chocolate and slurp it all up.
Enjoy a heart-warming movie.

Every single time you think of this negative "ugly marriage" thought, do something to change your thinking. You MUST interrupt that pattern, over and over, until it is no more.

You might yell (in your head so people don't think you are crazy!) - NOOOOOO!
You might snap a rubber band on your wrist, enough to hurt a bit, Boom. Ouch!
You could flick your palm, bend your finger backwards, Or YELL internally again!

One of these actions, done over and over, will break the cycle. It will take effort. But if you can move away from these overly ongoing continuous thoughts, you will find peace in life.

If you were thinking boredom all day, you can ZAP that idea with a new interest. There are many you can choose from.

If you think about an ugly marriage all day, Its time to stop. The more you think this, the uglier your conversation becomes. If you can break your side of this poor habit, you might be a bit nicer, offering to bring a cup of tea or whatever, starting a nice conversation over breakfast, asking to do a drive on Saturday afternoon... simply being nice. You will never know how those small actions change both lives, until you try!

If you think you are really looking badly as you age, you are because you lost interest, you feel bad and just don't care any longer. But instead, break this stinking thinking -- buy whitening toothpaste, try parting your hair in a different direction or getting a different cut, put some blush color on your cheeks. LOOK different with tiny actions, feel different with continual Internal-yelling-at-Yourself. :)

Hey, it works!

Be kind to yourself!

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