by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

What do YOU think that statement means?

To me, what you are focused on, what you think or worry about daily, is what your subconscious mind attempts to bring to you.

Your mind and body are always working to maintain your delicate balance of life.

Does your mind help you with your retired life OR do your worries and negative thinking stop your retirement from being what it might be?


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by: Loyce, California

You Are what you Do and Think. Think Positively and act positively, a no-brainer. Help others, talk with others. Volunteer at something you like. ADOPT homeless pets. Take good care of your health, be grateful and continue to learn. Exercise. Meditate. Listen to inspirational stories and avoid negative news/people.

How I cope with my thoughts!
by: Irwin/Florida

I wake up each morning ready to face the day no matter what.

What I have learned though is to not watch the news or go on social media as what is on those forms of media today will ruin your day.

As mere individuals I seriously doubt we can do anything about all the nonsense happening in the world today so why worry about it or have negative thoughts about it.

Best thing we can do is go about our day and make the best of it doing whatever it is that makes us happy be it reading, writing, doing some form of hobby, exercising, anything other than watching or listening to the news.

I, myself, find this a battle (looking at or reading the news) but one that I hope to overcome because when I enjoy what I have and do things that make me and my wife happy, the day tends to be more productive and one that makes us both feel so much better.

What we should think about are happy thoughts and doing things that make us feel good. Starting each day with the Serenity Prayer is a good beginning to each day in this crazy mixed up world of ours.

Be happy and be grateful for what we have. There are many others that have it much worse.

by: Brian Sullivan UK

I have struggled with retirement, difficulty motivating myself, negative thinking. I have to push myself every day using any method I can to do

I feel so bad because my wife and two boys are so supportive. I wish I could find an answer.

Your mind is a powerful tool
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

There is no better example of how powerful the mind is than the aftermath of a grand final in football.

The losing team is sprawled on the grass, exhausted and disappointed, while the winning team - equally exhausted but triumphant - is prancing about, high fiving everybody.

The different is their mind set.

Negativity or Contentment - Choices to be made
by: Anonymous

In these days and times, negativity seems to be pervasive in our society due to the pandemic, social and political environments. They are all toxic things in our lives. This toxicity only compounds itself when you have other negative issues in life; whether its the job, your spouse, money or difficulties of retirement.

Even though I am not of the Catholic faith, the following prayer helps me deal with negativity and changes in our lives that create uncertainty, worry resulting from it.

"Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can, the serenity to deal with the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference." — Francis of Assisi

For many or most of us, there are things that are way beyond our control and regardless of what we say or do, nothing will change. Consequently, what goes on inside the 11 pounds of gray matter in between our ears is the only thing we can control in terms of thought processes.

We all make a choice to hang on to those negative things inside our minds. It can be our choice, as well, to discard that garbage by learning how to be content and not let it control life.

If one made the decision to hang on to that stuff, the decision can be made to discard it. The end question to all of this is what does one want to control life; negativity or contentment? That's our ultimate choice.

Having fun still
by: Jeff/Toledo

Wendy, you are so right with your words.

Every morning I wake up to a new adventure called getting out of bed. Some days are better than others but no matter what I can find something to laugh about so the old bones talk to me each time I move.

Your mind will almost always give you things to worry about, you just need to be strong enough to push back and see the good side of things.

Goodness knows I fight falling out of bed almost each morning. Happiness

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