You deserve best insurance at lower price

by Marsha

The new laws say Senior deserve lower cost insurance. They take your information.

Then you here back that they couldn’t find insurance for you.

They are really only trying to get your information.

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Who can you trust to give you good info on insurance companies?
by: Anonymous

Yep, you are right on the mark.

When I joined AARP I had hoped to get information I could trust about things like health insurance, but I've come to realize they are not on my side - I put a fake middle initial on my name to see where it goes and they have sold my name to many companies.

Where do you go to get information you can trust about things like senior insurance?

Absolutely a Scammer
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

Yep, you are right -- I get those calls -- time for a better Medicare plan, health care plan, home and auto insurances, and anything else they can use to get you on the phone.

You pick up -- they chat -- they act friendly -- you let down your guard -- and BOOM. Scammed again,

Beware folks

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