Young Retiree

by Susan

Hi, I am single...which might be a problem, or not. Yes all my friends work. I retired 8 months ago. I had just turned 57 that month. I had worked in a fairly high position at basically the same company or 34 years. I loved it.

Then about 10 years ago, I had some health issues..and then about 5 years ago we went through a large lay off. I was freaking out, not wanting to be laid off. But I was afraid stress had taken a toll on my health. I wasn't laid off, but begged to be laid off 8 months ago. I still wasn't laid off.

I made my decision 5 years ago that I was going to retire, at 55, then it changed to 56, then on my 57th birthday, I did retire.

So I really pulled back from my extreme working a couple of years ago. And most of my long term buddies there, were gone, either by lay offs or quitting. So socially I was quite lonely there. And I lost my love for company, so then I wasn't working to excess...had no desire to, so I was bored. But hid it.

OK long story short my obsession for last 5 years has been to save money and retire. Oh, my Mom in another state had major health needs and my Dad needed/wanted my help..So all my thoughts were on RETIRING.. moving to the beach... helping parents, and redefining ME.. deciding what fun part time job I want. So, gave up a lot of money, but planned it.

NOW that I am retired, what is there to obsess about? I don't want another job to lock me into a time commitment. I am doing as many are: volunteering, joining dinner and hiking groups..meeting lots of new people...joining incredibly FUN church choir and other church daytime groups...being with my labradoodle a lot. AND TRYING TO NOT GET incredibly DEPRESSED.

My job had depressed me, and somehow reaching my dream of RETIRING EARLY did NOT take this depression away. It took the stress away. But now I have the hard work of filling my day with something I like.

I wouldn't mind making some money. I didn't get a package..all done on my own, and all doable..but now I will never be rich, as I would if i had kept my job. Mentally, I needed to leave my mistake I need something...I am hoping to really LOVE the hospital volunteer job. So far I LIKE it.

I love the church..I like the hiking, while I am doing it, and the meeting of new friends, while it is happening.

BUT in the quiet times, I am fighting depression. I am still looking for ME. One thing I am going to do, is sell my big, and full of maintenance house, and move to where I grew up..the beach. where best 2 friends and parents live.

I know how to make new friends, so can do that there..and hopefully find a fun part time job in a beach community. I am 57, but look and act hopefully I can convince someone to hire me..

Sorry for the ramblings..I welcome any insight.

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I am sorry-depression sucks!
by: Kathy Fletcher

Hi- as i read your post- i was thinking- wow- that sounds like me............ i have been in the same job for 20 yrs.....while I can not retire yet- can't afford too-i am looking forward to it-very much so.

I hope your house sells quickly- and you can move to the beach- i think that will help you ....being close to your parents and 2 best friends......and if you so decide to have a penpal- i am more than willing but i usually only write via the snail mail trail.....old fashioned way-i love to come home and find a letter in my helps me NOT be so depressed....

so best wishes sent your way.....hugs too-

Joy in Life
by: Anonymous

I LOVED Nina's comment that "retirement is not like going to Heaven". Sometimes when we anticipate retirement we have dreams that it will be non-stress, relaxing, fulfilling and wonderful.

We forget it is another stage of life, with all of life's challenges, lessons and problems. It's how we perceive them, deal with them, learn from them that will make the difference between being happy and being depressed.

It should like Susan, you are on the track to making this time a very rewarding stage of your life.

Keep it going!

Joy in life
by: Nina from London

Couldn't help but smile as I read your story.

Whenever there is change in life...and it is a major change there will be times when you have doubts, feel insecure, lose your footing.

But guess what? You begin to step on the rocks to cross the river and slowly and steadily you find your way. This is the great thing about discovering who you are and what you want on the road to a happy life.

Retirement isn't like going to heaven. There will be trials. But what I've enjoyed the most is asking myself how do I want to spend this precious time.

For me it's been helpful to make lists (I like making lists) and write down what I'm good at. In fact I've even asked friends.

So, now I'm smiling a big broad smile. This has to be the happiest time of my life. In fact I think it's better than when I was in my teens.

I'm single (widow for 8 years), all my responsibilities are fulfilled raising my daughter, financially stable, can choose to travel wherever I want, foot loose and fancy free, healthy and looking forward to each day. I do lots of volunteer work to give my week structure but I can also do spontaneous things to surprise everyone. J

ust great to be alive and at this stage of my life. Bonheurs!

Best Wishes for your retirement, Nina

Young Retiree
by: Susan

Thanks everyone for the nice comments to my 'blog' on why I am a young retiree, and what I was and am going through. I will say that last week was one of my BEST, since I retired.

I loved my new volunteer job at the Infusion Center at the hospital and felt I was doing good for others (and myself!) and really enjoyed it.

I went to a luncheon fashion show for a new women's group I just joined, which has LOTS of daytime activities for all ages and met a new friend. I LOVED my church dinner and then my fun church choir rehearsal. I went on an organized Meetup Dog hike with people and their dogs, one morning.

The weather this week has been divine, here in Richmond, VA, so had 2 dinners out, al fresco. And went to a Thank You luncheon for Volunteers at a Country Club here...each activity allowing me to meet more and more people. A fun week. Oh also finished a GREAT book.

In one week I will go to beach for a few weeks to help parents and see friends.

[wendy] Sooo thrilled for you!

by: Anonymous


Most important decision you are going to take is selling your large house and to move near your parents and beach. It will be good to have small and easyly maintainable house. Do it and you have power to make friends, so you will be in new atmosphere and new friends.

Do not have dipresson,world become small with friends on internet, enjoy. It will be good to have some hobby and help others.I have all support to you from distant place-India, visit India you will get all support, stay and food and travel. Only thing is we are vegetarian.

With regards,
O.P.Joshi, Jaipur.India

Good Post
by: James

Your post is very good. Your explanation about how you feel and your present and past circumstances come over intelligently and well thought out. I am sure you will do well in whatever you decide to do.

I have been retired for about eighteen months and, to cut a long story short, have managed to find, do a couple of activities, including a little part-time work and gardening. I also like exercise, especially walking. But, like yourself, I have moments of emptiness. Everyone does, I am sure.

Good luck and all the best.

You still have a job
by: Anonymous

What you fail to realize is the fact that you still have a job. That job is taking care of yourself. This is a day by day and minute by minute task that is too important to fail. It is the most magnificent job you every had. Do not let yourself down.

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