Younger Boomers: 
Born 1959 to 1964

The Younger Baby Boomers are the youngest group of the baby boomers generation. These younger boomers were born between the year 1959 to 1964. Most of them are approaching their golden years of 50 or already had, recently.

Younger Baby Boomer Demographics

Baby boomer demographics on this younger group shows that they make up 9% of the total population of the United States. Younger boomers also are 36% of the total baby boomer generation.

Younger Boomers as Teens

During their formative teens and towards their young adult years, these youthful boomers who were full of enthusiasm and promise.

Their future was highly influenced by the Watergate scandal in the late 70's, together with other nation's economic concerns on oil embargo, inflation and recession.

As they moved towards adulthood, they became more confident, work driven and status conscious. A large percentage have graduated high school and many went through college.

Younger Boomers Music & Movies

The young boomers still had their share of their youthful bliss as they entertained themselves with the trends like disco music by Donna Summer and the Bee Gee's and some punk rock music.

The Star Wars Movie and VCR technology were introduced around this time too.

Younger Boomers Lifestyles

The young boomers have sustained an active lifestyle although they have confronted the typical challenge of diet, exercise and chronic illnesses. Their physical activities have earned them an increased longevity – possibly gaining an average of 30+ years of life.

The majority are married and have a 3.4 children per family, although a significant number compared to the older boomers have never actually married.

About 88% of the young boomers have acquired homes. Housing is the largest expense, as you might imagine, during their highest earning years.

Looking towards retirement, most of the younger boomers know that despite decent earnings, this may not necessarily mean financial security in retirement. Few have seriously started saving for their retirement. Many younger boomers are looking into retirement hobbies that could earn them supplemental retirement income, and others may choose to simply work longer.

Younger Boomers influences Magic Johnson, Linda Blair, John F. Kennedy Jr., Barrack Obama, George Clooney, Demi Moore and Brad Pitt are just few of the famous “trailing edge” boomers.

This list of younger boomers may give you the best idea of what the Younger Boomer generation is all about.