Your Own Home --
Should You Stay?

Do you intend to stay in Your Own Home?

Did you know most seniors move less than all other age groups? We stay in our own homes in retirement.

Makes perfect sense to me as they've established a home, know the neighborhood, and are psychologically attached to their home and their "stuff".

Most of us want to stay at home, but here are a few negative points to consider:

  • Can you really afford your home? Can you pay the monthly bills and taxes? Do you still have a mortgage? This depends on your income... but if your entire income goes towards remaining at home -- how do you have "fun" in retirement (and I don't mean long vacations in Florida, but what about going out to eat? movies? art classes?) Do you have enough income to do a few things each month to feed your mind and soul?

If you really need to stay in your own home, you might consider a Reverse Mortgage as the bank pays you a monthly payment coming from the equity in your home. Please be sure to get help with this option so you aren't scammed! 

  • Is your home difficult to live in? Yes, I know, you want to stay there very badly, but maybe it really doesn't work well for you -- meaning that maybe the bedroom is upstairs and it is difficult to climb those stairs? is the home large and costly to heat? is the home simply too large for you to keep clean?
  • Is your home old and needing repairs that you can't afford and can't do yourself? Maybe you purchased it many years ago, and over time, it's had problems, but you don't have the cash nor the strength to fix her up?
  • Is family nearby to help you should you need it? Do they really have the time to help you with daily chores or medical issues should the need arise?
  • Are you familiar with your neighbors? or have they moved away and you don't know who lives next door to you...
  • Home Sharing options are another avenue to explore. Consider your friends to see if there is anyone you'd care to live with (easier than advertising a room for a stranger, right?) and ask them about the possibility. You could remain in your home, rent out a room to a friend providing you with another income to pay your bills or simply share the costs of the food and bills so you aren't living alone.... just an idea! This also offers the assistance with everyday chores, someone else in case of emergency, etc...
  • Moving after all?
    If you've decided to move, downsize to something more comfortable, smaller and safer, you might consider checking out Free Cycle where you can list the household items you need to give away.. so someone else can use them!

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