Your Retirement Reflection Gift

by matt i

So unusual to see everyone wearing a mask. People who are still working keeping this great country on track so we can endure a once in a century census we thank daily.

Retirement really is a gift to those of us that reached this phase of life. When we a given a gift of special freedom to wander inside or out / busy or idle / in this stage we should remain astonished of the true wealth of life which is time.

One of the hard-learned secrets of accepting retirement is that no one else but yourself can unwrap the past layers of your working life.

Retirement is not about expecting to make more boxes in your spare time. Reflection should replace the retirement stigma period. Enjoyment of time idle or busy is not measured in reflection.

There is an old country saying that in life there is nothing more unexpected and surprising than the arrivals and departures of pleasure. If we find it in one place today, it is vain to seek it there tomorrow. You cannot lay a trap for it.

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