Creative Ways to Make Money
In Retirement

A Workshop Designed to Find YOUR Best Options for Purpose and Income in Retirement

Larry, Work in Retirement Coach 

When I reached retirement age I kept on working.  I thought I must be an odd-ball for doing so. 

I was active in my home improvement business until four years ago when I realized I was getting too old for the physical demands of  work. 

I made a decision  to redirect my life and return to work I enjoyed earlier: Executive Career Mgt.

The facts show a majority of retirees are considering working during part of their retirement.

I  became a Work In Retirement Coach to help you to continue working in retirement.

I want to help you with  significant life-changing decisions about what type of work you might do and to best way to make that happen.

Wendy, Retirement
Enthusiast/ Coach

Founder of, I want to help more retirees feel active and productive again.

That doesn't mean "work", It does mean you can do what you enjoy for income.

You choose what you do, how you do it, and where (in your local community or online, or even moving). We guide the process and help you find your perfect retirement! 

This is a Workshop to help you use creative ways to find purpose and income in your retirement years.

I am bringing my experience of my own transition into designing this workshop in a way that will show you how to take advantage of creative ways to make money in retirement yourself. I know anyone can find a rewarding way to uncover some special interest you have and learn how to enjoy your work fully and make money doing it.  

If you have tried to find work already, I’m sure you will agree that the techniques you may have used before, won’t work very well as a retiree.  I’m not saying you can’t find any type of job you can do to make some money because I know you can do that on your own.  

What I’m talking about is deciding on something you can offer others that you enjoy doing and figuring out how to make money doing it.  This approach puts you in control of the process of directing you effort to create a situation that is tailor made to transform your life in retirement and make money along the way.  

What it is not about is finding want ads and trying to set up interviews.  That just does not work at this point in your life.  If you feel earning an extra income especially doing something you enjoy then this workshop is for you.

If you’re willing to make a binding commitment to keep an open mind to learn some creative techniques the outcome will make your life in retirement the best it can be. 

You have the chance to figuring out new options you may have never considered even possible before.  And you will be exploring these new options while being surrounded with an abundance of support from the other workshop participants as well as my direct support to guide you every step of the way.  

 In addition to learning a new way to earn an income, you will benefit from on-going support that will be provided in the form of a private Facebook work group that you can participate in for as long as you want.    

So start thinking about living where you want and being around people you choose to be with.  Imagine earning an income that will support the lifestyle you desire that you didn’t think was possible?  Let’s get started.

Creative Ways to Make Money
In Retirement Workshop - Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Here is a preview of the firsts three modules of the Workshop. THE DIY name allows you to take control and go it alone after your initial ideas are figured out.

Step 1: Know what you want

  • What do you want your life to look?
  • Let's focus on establishing your ideal lifestyle first
  • Then creating your ideal work situation around that

Step 2: Know what you have

  • What are your unique gifts and interests?
  • What skills do you most enjoy using? 
  • What are you most grateful for right now? 

Step 3: Know how to turn what you have into income

How can you best use your gifts, interests, skills, and assets to address, tap into, or build upon one or more themes such as:

  • Complaints, problems, or threats
  • Trends
  • Demographic groups or niches
  • Interests or hobbies
  • Personal experiences or crisis 

Creative Ways to Make Money
In Retirement Workshop - Going Deeper

Step 4: Know who wants what you have

  • Determine what kind of person, demographic group, or organization might pay you for your special gifts, interests, and skills. 

  • Uncover an organization, group, company, association or other enterprises that might want to partner with you or otherwise establish a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Step 5: Know how to turn ideas into action

We will explore with you many potential opportunities based on all the previous information uncovered in steps 1 - 4 including such topics as:

  • Learning more about the business or field you are interested in.
  • How to find the people, groups or organizations who want what you have.
  • How to establish your credibility in an area where you are a novice.
  • How much should you charge?
  • How will you promote yourself, your products, or services?
  • How to keep your plan on track.
  • How to make a transition from having a boss to being your own boss.
  • and much more.

Step 6: Know how to work around obstacles

There will be plenty of obstacles on your new journey.  This step helps you prepare to meet them head-on and includes such topics as:

  • Self-doubt/lack of confidence
  • Perfectionism
  • Find the time
  • Money
  • Learning to think like an entrepreneur
  • Lack of marketing or sales experience/knowledge
  • Lack of experience or track record
  • Unwillingness to make the sacrifices or investments (time/money) required to create the life described in step 2.
  • Lack of support and dealing with other people’s skepticism or negativity

Workshop Platform

We use an online coaching program that will provide retirees with the ability to easily communicate with us, and oodles more!

This software gives you access and organization for:

  • Our Scheduled Calls
  • Weekly Classes & Homework
  • Deep Interaction with Your Coaches
  • Your Action Items That You Will Do Each Week (accountability)
  • Goals, Target Dates, Milestones

You can use our software on your computer, phone, or tablet. The site is private and secure.  We will keep you engaged with the process and actively seeking your answers! You choose to work on you plan -- and we will be there for you every step of the way.

We need YOU to take action. We depend on your thoughtful answers to bring your best life forward. You will share your homework and notes with Larry and Wendy (your Coaches) and both of us will provide insight and ideas with you as you move through the program and your own thoughts. Finally, a plan will emerge and you will work it.

You Have Two Options:

DIY Model: Module 1 - 3. Find Great Ideas, Then Pursue Them Alone

$ xx for 3 weekly calls and active classes and support 

If you choose the DIY Model, you will know where you are headed but choose to do it alone afterwards. 

What you will get:

  • You get full access to the Software for first 3 modules
  • Three weekly calls
  • Unlimited access to the program after 3 weeks (allowing you time to revisit & dive deeper)
  • After first 3 weeks, post something new, we will help you find your way as much as possible.

End Result: You will know what you want and why -- and will pursue the possibilities that we uncover by yourself.

You are independant and want to do this your way!

P.S. You DO have the option of purchasing the second module later, if you change your mind! If you realize the value of our Coaching, push ahead one more step and go the full workshop. Your Choice...

Going Deeper:
Module 1 - 6. Find Great Ideas & Let Us Help You Follow Through the Process

$ xx for 3 bi-weekly calls and 3 scheduled-as-needed calls with classes and support 

What you will get:

  • You get full access to the Software for all 6 modules
  • Three bi-weekly calls (allows you to dive deeper) 
  • Unlimited access to the program after completed (your ideas and notes and our support remains as is)
  • Unlimited support until Plan is complete
  • Accountability as we push you forward into new possibilities

End Result: A Plan that gets you from Retirement Today to INCOME On Your Own Terms!

Lots of coaching, consulting and hand holding to help you move forward in your retired life!