Zone Retirement.

by Julie Grenness
(Melbourne, Australia. )

As we are now approaching, or have reached, the zone of retirement, we made it. Some retirees are zooming as boomers in their senior years. We now have no need to commute, to please a whining boss, or to talk to other workmates, whatever they were like.

Most of us retire in our sixties, and the world is an unfilled painting, depending on our health and finances.

Some retirement age folk are still working. We were raised with a work ethic. We worked hard in our field of employment, and are rightly proud of our achievements. To break the work habit, some people take off for the great overseas three month tours. They have earned their leisure.

Some folk, especially women, never retire. They are regarded as the chief cook and washerwoman, and can become the primary caregiver for their grandchildren. This can be hours of fun, but exhausting. Some retirement zone citizens can wind up slaves to their adult offspring and their babysitting needs.

Once we turn seventy or eighty, anything can happen to our health with any shock diagnosis. Staying in the positive zone can be a benefit. Really, there is nothing wrong with our retirement choices, relaxing and cruising into each day.

As we think of our retirement zone, we might expect to live for another twenty years. Maybe we should all be so lucky. One of my girlfriend's mother is 81 years young, and plays golf three times per week. What a chick!

This is our retirement zone. We must all come to terms with our own ageing. Resting can be part of our leisure times, as well as some exercise, and healthier eating. Learn to love aubergines! Spinach pie can be addictive. Alcohol is not medicine, or is it?

For any of us in our retirement zone, we can choose to focus on all our positives. There is no need for negative zen zones. What are your goals for the retirement zone in the years ahead?

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