2019 Stretch Yourself Challenge: I love CHALLENGES!

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast

Wendy, StretchYourselfChallenge!

Wendy, StretchYourselfChallenge!

I always LOVE to challenge myself. I get bored without life's challenges, and they definitely help me grow as a person.

This month, I am attempting a new challenge -- The Stretch Yourself Challenge hosted by Kelly McCausely, a humble but powerful gal who supports online businesses! I follow Kelly on Facebook and she is always doing Facebook Live, and always challenging her followers to step out of their comfort zone online (and that totally scares me!)

So a month ago, I read a Facebook post about the 10th Annual Stretch Yourself Challenge and choose to join (before she even really promoted it). I haven't done any conferences all year so its time to challenge myself! Woot!

Many of you have done my Morning Makeover challenge -- 7 days to review your morning habits and make changes so that you have the best retirement mornings ever. I started this retiree challenge in 2018 and many have opted into it since last summer.

This month, during the challenge, I am doing a new Retirement Challenge -- offered late in September when complete! This new challenge will be called -- Beat the Retirement Blues by Serving Others: Random Acts of Kindness and I'm excited to get this out there for retirees. A week of simply thinking about others and jumping into action -- instead of feeling anxious, negative thoughts about yourself, retirement, and life.

While I'm busy preparing this challenge for retirees, this is what I have committed to doing in September 2019 (writing it out here as my declaration and praying I can complete this in one month!)

  • I will spend this week on Retirement Coaching as I never tell anyone online. I have a page about my coaching, but I don't generally write about it. This week I will!

  • Next week, I hope to host a Facebook Live series (in my group) to talk about my new challenge for retirees -- Beat the Retirement Blues by Serving Others: Random Acts of Kindness . Simply a short series of live videos talking about why I am serving up this challenge! (ha! I use the word "simply" but this is a biggie for me -- live video -- are you kidding me? :)

  • Finally, the challenge for retirees: I will offer and host this group coaching effort. Beat the Retirement Blues by Serving Others: Random Acts of Kindness or something like that. Should be a FUN end to my crazy month!

    Thank you Kelly for hosting the Stretch Yourself Challenge. Retirees -- this is an annual challenge in the 10th year now which simply means it is SPECIAL. 10 years! -- There is Self Study Access if you are interested at any point! Kelly has a fabulous Facebook group full of support, as well as her Challenge Guide that gives you step by step directions for FIFTEEN different Biz Challenges! Fun Fun!

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    Practice random acts of kindness everyday
    by: Michael D. Bell, REALTOR®, Venice Florida

    Hi Wendy,

    I think I met the challenge yesterday. I was riding my bike and saw a woman putting a bike rack on her car. I said hello, and then quickly turned around and asked her if she needed a hand. She didn't, but then she asked me how far I was riding.

    We started talking about biking, and I ended up talking to her for about 30 minutes. We exchanged contact information and hope to ride together in the future. I'm 54, she is 70.

    Even in retirement, you can always make new friends!

    Wendy: KUDOS to you, Michael! You can motivate each other to ride and have interesting conversations about life too!

    Your Challenge Looks Exciting!
    by: Stephanie Watson

    I took part in past challenges and always loved it too. Kelly runs a great group and is good at making you feel confident enough to move forward even when you feel scared and uncomfortable.

    I'm looking forward to seeing this program develop before my eyes!

    Morning Makeover to Kindness!
    by: Joyce/Toronto

    I love that you challenged yourself to start a challenge! That is inspiring to me! Love both your topics and especially the one on Kindness ...every act is what makes the world a better place to live in! Wishing you all success!

    Way to go Wendy!
    by: Samantha Angel

    Doing any live video for me a super stretch so that's one of the challenges I picked too.

    Congrats on your new retirement challenge. It sounds awesome!

    Kindness is so important
    by: Luanna

    I love how you outlined your challenge! I also love the random acts of service challenge. I’ve been really working with my daughter on service lately and this just shows how important that is!

    Love This Idea
    by: Melissa Brown, MD/Short Hills, NJ

    Wendy, I love this idea for a challenge for retirees. A lot of my friends are retired and bored--there's so much to do and participate in at this stage of life that I have a hard time wrapping my head around that! 😉 I'm busier than ever and lovin' life. Good luck with your challenge and your Facebook Lives--they tell me that gets easier the more you do!

    Random Acts of Kindness
    by: Rosie Battista

    Congrats on stepping out there and facilitating Random Acts of Kindness. That is such a wonderful thing to do!

    Good Job!
    by: Teresa Miller

    You've done such an excellent job outlining your plans for the challenge. I just know you're going to knock it out of the park.

    You're Not A SYC Virgin Anymore!
    by: Tish Lee

    I didn't know this was your first SYC Wendy. I thought you had participated in a few from the past. How exciting, though, that this is your first one! I love that you took action and decided to join us!

    I love challenges, too!
    by: Benwcia Pondee, Atlanta, GAme/Location

    Your challenge goals are amazing. I love how strategic you are.

    Awesome post!!
    by: Kristin Lohmeyer/Quincy, IL

    Hi Wendy!! I absolutely love the idea for your next challenge!! Way to stretch yourself - keep up the great work! :)

    You're Awesome
    by: Karin Crompton/CT

    You've got such great info Wendy, and I'm glad you're making yourself more visible. The world needs what you have to offer. :) Good luck in the challenge! (I'm taking on the Live series as well - eek!)

    Great niche!
    by: Shannon Smith

    The retirement community is a great niche!

    And I'm a bit interested in that Morning Makeover Challenge. Is it still available?

    Wendy Stretches!
    by: Kelly

    I'm so loving you being part of the challenge Wendy. You're one of my favorite cheerleaders, always supporting others. Now we get to support and cheer YOU!

    I love your three challenges
    by: Tara

    Hi Wendy: I love how you're embracing 3 challenges in the month of September. It's a strong effort that will be rewarding for your community. And, congratulations for engaging in video as well. Lots of stretching that will yield great dividends!

    Stretching is a good thing
    by: Kat Sturtz / Pigeon, Michigan

    Wendy, I love how you've planned out how you'll be stretching yourself during this challenge. Thanks for being a fellow challenger and sharing your support and encouragement. I fully expect to see us both celebrating at the finish line.

    Awesome Site!
    by: Maureen Oliver

    Wendy, I remember when my father had to take forced retirement and how lost he was. I wish he'd had a site like this back then to visit. You offer a great service here!

    So inspiring! Thank you.
    by: Brook Packard/Rye, NY

    This is such an inspiring post. I love that you make your personal challenge one that reaches out to others through random acts of kindness. This is a challenge that will bring exponential returns - for you and those in your circle. May it expand, and expand, and expand...until the entire world joins in.

    Love your challenge!
    by: Ruth Bowers!

    Hi Wendy!

    I love the idea of your challenge on doing random acts of kindness! The world could always use a little more kindness and it's so true that doing for others makes us feel good too. :)

    I picked the FB Live series as my stretch challenge too, because the thought of live video just makes me want to run and hide somewhere.

    by: Renee

    How fun! I love your new challenge and that you created your own challenge in the Stretch Challenge. Glad to have met you and I look forward to connecting with you during and after September. :)

    Make the world a better place
    by: Sabrina

    Well done on taking action, Wendy. I'm glad that Kelly's challenge resonate with you for this year.
    I love what you are planning to do with Random Acts of Kindness. I firmly believe that if more people would engage in doing random acts of kindness, the world would be a better place.

    Fabulous niche, challenge, and stretching!
    by: Rena Tucker

    What a fabulous niche to serve, Wendy! As more and more baby boomer retire every day, the need for meaningful activity to fill the time previously occupied by work is paramount. Your upcoming Heal Yourself by Serving Others: Random Acts of Kindness sounds like it will provide amazing opportunities for members of your community to create meaning. And good for you that you’re stretching yourself so publicly. That takes a lot of courage!

    About the Retirement Life
    by: Kim

    Love the idea of the concept of having a morning routine. I've transitioned out of the military and truly do miss my morning routine.

    I'm cheering you on!
    by: Larry Steward / SC

    Wendy, you've been an inspiration to me since the day I discovered Retirement-Online. You have added a new dimension to my life and my coaching. I'm delighted we have connected in so many interesting ways. Good luck with your new challenges.

    by: Lynn

    I was initially inspired that you LOVE to take on new challenges. I have often steered clear of taking on something that I am not familiar with, so enjoyed reading about how you turning a challenge into a challenge of your own. I especially love the challenge of doing random acts of kindness...Looking forward to seeing how wonderful that turns out.

    I love challenges too!
    by: Julie Van De Wyngaerde/Santa Barbara, CA

    Wendy, I love challenges too and believe that it's so important that we continue to challenge ourselves into our retirement years. Way to go and inspire others to do the same!

    Great challenge topic
    by: Carol Bremner

    I love that idea for a challenge - healing yourself by serving others and I totally agree it works.

    I love this post
    by: Elizabeth Hughes-Callison/Decatur, IL

    I am a new retiree but have had a fun website that I just dabbled. This year I decided to go all-in as I was not working at my VA job anymore. I decided that I needed a push for the last part of the year. I am also in the Stretch Yourself Challenge. So nice to meet you.

    Retirement Stretch so Worth It
    by: Evelyn

    You definitely know how to do a challenge and I know that Kindness seems to be a big thing these days. All the best - as a possible retired person, I know that it is important to always keep moving forward and enjoying your life while adding a little stretch here and there.

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