A good day starts with the tiniest effort

by Margaret of Indiana

Like most retirees, I experienced decades of education, career, running a business, caring for parents and then my disabled partner. And what a letdown retirement seemed for about a year.

And now into the start of year three, I've found that keeping a regular morning ritual raises my mood. I get dressed, do a bit of make-up (so I don't scare myself when I glance in a mirror!) and take my dog for a walk. In the evening, I shower, write tomorrow's to-do list, read or chat with friends.

These habits keep the blues/depression away.

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by: Irwin Lengel

I agree with having a routine and making To-do lists. It does seem to make my day go much more smoothly.

You are a rock star, bless your heart
by: Junebug in Deerfield WI

What a great spirit you have! You are an inspiration for all you do. After what you have been through many people would collapse in a heap of self-pity. You are up and at it everyday. Good for you.

Good advice....
by: Junebug Deerfield WI

My mornings are similar to yours...sometimes I am a little lazy, especially if it is rainy or snowy, but it helps to have an orderly start.

by: Mavis

Way to go Mildred!

It,s all about attitude and you have a great one!

Morinig routine so important
by: Patrick

I retired two years ago. Was intended to be semi-retirement as I loved my work but I was diagnosed with cancer within 6 months. 18 months later I am out of danger but no chance of working again and my fitness has suffered very badly.

Found it difficult to get myself interested in anything. My wife persuaded me to buy a home gym and it has changed my life. I use it every morning. It gets me up and about and really changes how you face the day. It has helped with the physical problems caused by the cancer treatment which has also made a huge difference.

I fully agree that getting a routine which you adhere to at the start of the day sets you up for the rest of the day and just makes you feel better.

Great Attitude
by: Sherry/ NC

Love you, Mildred, you have a great attitude!

Retirement Routine
by: mildred/ tn

I, to have my own routine-I have a sign posted in front of my chair that reads -


This helps me.

We have 2 indoor doxans that I feed, water, and change pee pads each am, I try to keep the dishes washed and the clothes washed, bills payed-most are done by bank draft.

I am now 80 and have an immune deficiency from post-cancer that I am in remission, I have to have IV's every 3 weeks at the cancer center for immune therapy-takes 5 hours. I have my bedroom set up like a hospital room- w/ most everything in reach.

My life is full and I am happy, Been retired from age 56-80, Still doing my flowers and just had a pecan tree planted in honor of my son who died 02/02/2018 and 2 banana trees,

Life is what u make it, Do what u can and enjoy that you are able to do.

Wendy: Now THAT is Gratitude (with a capital "G") for LIFE! Go Mildred!

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