A Hero: Ali

by Ricardo

That word has come to mind with the passing of the "champ", Ali.

I had the pleasure to meet with him at his Michigan home some years ago when he was already having major health problems that slowed him down both physically as well as verbally.....could it be that "the greatest" was being ravaged by this disease, yes, but he was still a VERY gracious host to a complete stranger, and welcomed my brother and I into his Berrien Springs home for an hour or two.

His achievements in my opinion were made outside of the ring and how he played out thru out the world stage with humanity.

So, what IS a hero?

A multi-million dollar performer, a sports figure more involved with themselves than anything else, a political figure immersed in power and ego?

How about the individual that gives rather than receives asking NOTHING in return? The father that works two or three jobs to support his family. The young man that gives up his seat to an elderly person on a crowded bus. The men and women who have and still do give up their LIVES for our freedoms.......THESE are the true heroes that I look up to.

They come along everyday in our lives but are seldom recognized for doing what in fact should be expected of ANYONE who considers themselves a member of the human race......

THESE are the TRUE heroes......God bless them all, for without them true humanity would be lacking!

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