Your Aging Brain

Your Brain -- Use it or Lose it!

The aging brain – a subject we all tend to think of as we get older.

Will our bodies wear out before our brains or is there a way to keep both in good shape?

As we age, we learn about diet, exercise, social activities, and the like, all with the same ulterior motive – pay attention to them and we will live longer. Same holds true with our aging brains.

Look at these older individuals and what THEY did in their later years of life. Totally inspirational!

Your brain needs creativity

The CNN website discusses the older brain and singing seniors. They suggest that getting older just might be awesome!  Science Daily writes about dancing to keep your brain healthy... another creative pursuit!

It's all about using our creative brain to keep happy and brain healthy! By becoming more creative and assuming more tasks that require us to challenge our brains, it has been found that we may just add years to our lives by doing so.

Hey -- if you enjoy writing, excercise your brain and WRITE! Share Your Thoughts  and just pop some words on the page for other retirees!

Take a peek at this creativity video:

How and Why our Brains Age

This video is about normal brain aging vs. dementia type changing.

Do you realize that some brains don't really age much at all?

Can brain aging be reversed?

Can brains be reversed so as to be able to tackle new problems with the vim and vigor we had years ago.

Dr. John Day writes about reversing brain aging by EIGHT years through the food we eat. AND YES, most of the foods he mentions are what you will expect, but heck, take a moment out of your day and educate your brain FOR your brain.

As I researched this, I found so many articles (the majority written in 2017) about how cannabis  (yes, marijuana) may reverse brain aging. Even AARP has published: New Research Says Cannabis Might Reverse Brain Aging!

Want to learn more to keep your brain happy?

Take a free trial at The Great Courses, and search for "brain" at the top to see all that's available today!

Each of these articles/videos reveal just how important the brain is. We know the heart must continue to pump to keep us alive. Fact of the matter is, without the brain, the entire body would shut down and we would cease to exist.

So, bottom line, we need to pay attention to our aging brains as well.

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